The articulation of Trump in his Inaugural address astounded many pundits, politicians, and surely the outgoing President himself.  I differed with Trump on every issue during his primary and election victory, but there is one truth to his campaign, and that is far too many people are on the losing end of technical change and globalization. Many Trump supporters spoke of a chance to get back at the system.  Trump clearly articulated their beliefs, and we may never be the same with isolation, as a foreign policy, and tariffs as a trade policy, but we must hear a vision that pushes progress!

I wrote a paper for a doctoral proposal  on the Shah of Iran and the political outrage that was arising from rapid social change, institutional failure, and the rise of a revolutionary religious backlash, which are issues here to some extent.  I used a model developed at Harvard and during that interval;  the Shah was history!  Trump is  not a revolution, but has been  dismissive of politicians, news outlets, and  also keen on noting institutional failures!

I studied occupations for the USDOL in the 1980s, that were only beginning to leave our economy,  causing serious dislocations!  At one time,  there were some 12, 484 occupations in our economy, and now there are  far less especially in manufacturing.  We have some living great lives in this country, and many living lost lives!

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The problems noted were increased with poor retraining initiatives in that we  trained people for jobs with no prospect of real success, faced horrible  off- shoring of  corporations, the incessant move of improper mergers and acquisitions, where Congress dropped the ball, and a rise in TECH/ STEM Occupations! We need to promote migration of people to places where jobs are!  Can Trump change this?  I do not believe so!

Bill Weightman, Hardyston,