SPARTA, NJ – The mother of one of the boys involved in a shooting incident by an off-duty state trooper recounted the story on Tuesday. The trooper was allegedly shooting at a car occupied by teens who mistakenly went to his home.

Law enforcement authorities have yet to make any comment, despite several inquiries. 

Lindsay Marasco said the three boys drove to Whispering Winds off of Sterling Hill Road to drop off Matthew Mayer at a friend’s house. 

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“After knocking on the door, they heard the loud voice from inside saying ‘I don’t know who the f*** you are, get off my f***ing property'," Marasco said. "They didn’t recognize the voice so they ran away. They ran to their car. Because it was in a cul-de-sac they had no choice but to drive past the house to get out. The man was in the street pointing his gun at them. They were scared and just wanted to get out of there. Then he shot his gun at them.”

She said the state trooper, Kissenger Barreau, did not identify himself as a police officer to the boys. This was confirmed by one of the other boys involved. His attorney has advised him not to discuss details at this time. 

Marasco continued, “They got as far as Butternut [Way] when something was wrong with the wheel and they couldn’t drive any further.” Her son called her to tell her what happened and to get a ride. She told them they had to call the police to report someone was shooting at them.  So, she said, that is what they did. 

Instead of getting assistance, they were arrested. Initially, according to the mother, the boys were told they were being arrested for burglary, though the actual charges have yet to be confirmed.

Authorities have yet to release any information about the incident, including anything about charges being filed. They said the investigation is being handled by the state Attorney General’s Office which also refused to reveal any information.

Marasco said her car was impounded. She said her son was told the car was towed by Hayden’s Auto and Truck Repair and that her son could "go to Hayden in Andover, to pay and take the receipt to Totowa to pick up the car.”

Hayden’s is in Sparta, but Marasco said people there said they didn’t have the vehicle. Marasco said she went to the trooper barracks and was told they did not have a record of her car. She said she told them the date and nature of the incident and the name under which the car was registered and they still said they could not find any record of the car, the incident or anything related to the boys’ names.

“Right now, I’m assuming it’s in Totowa,” she said.  

They told her they needed the license plate number. She is still following up with attempts to retrieve the vehicle. 

The Attorney General had not yet responded to inquiries made by TAP into Sparta.  It is anticipated they will be releasing a statement sometime today.

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