With the current attention being brought to school district spending, Assemblyman Parker Space welcomes this discussion.

“I applaud the Newton Town Council for standing up for beleaguered taxpayers in this State by asking for action to reduce school costs,” Space (R-Sussex, Warren, Morris) said.

Assemblyman Space is a cosponsor of a measure that mirrors Newton’s idea – A3321 which is known as the "Empower the Principal Act."  The bill eliminates local school superintendents and prohibits schools from having more than one assistant or vice-principal.  

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“Trenton Democrats in the Assembly have been slow to do anything on property taxes, including bottling up this bill,” Space said.  “Even in the Senate, when Senator Oroho and others work in a bi-partisan fashion to create a school funding reform task force and passing legislation to study school consolidation and regionalization and changing the geographic cost factor, the Democrats in the Assembly stop this progress.”

Oroho, Space, and their running mate Assembly candidate Hal Wirths support legislation to call the Legislature into a special session where leaders of both parties bring bills forward to reform and reduce property taxes for an up or down vote. The legislation is SCR-122 and ACR-65. 

“I have 68 bills that would lower the property tax burden in this State and I am proud to say that Senator Oroho and I have gotten some through, but all of them should be given the chance to be debated and voted upon immediately,” said Space.  “The time for action is now and the time for excuses is over.”

These bills cover a wide range of topics including direct property tax relief, education spending and funding reform, shared services, local government unit savings and mandate reform, and government reform.

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