JERSEY CITY, NJ - Members of the Sparta Ambulance Squad went to Liberty State Park on September 11 to pay tribute to the 3000 people who lost their lives 15 years ago. 

"It was an emotional visit, this was my first visit back to Liberty State Park since 9/11" said 2nd Lieutenant Cliff Cernek, who at the time was a member of the Cresskill Volunteer First Aid Squad. His former squad was one of the first deployed to NYC on the day of the attack. He spent about 2 weeks between Ground Zero and Jersey City assisting in aiding injured victims and rescue workers. 

Captain Brad Erickson and Member Mike Lucio also went to Jersey City to help honor those who were lost. 

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The Sparta Ambulance Squad was among 80 other Emergency Service Agencies representing Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS, on hand along with about 100 pieces of apparatus. 

"It was a honor to attend" said Mike Lucio at the end of the evening. "I was in grade school when 9/11 happened and can't imagine what it was like."