SPARTA, NJ-Sparta Bag It Day offers Spartans the opportunity to volunteer to pickup trash along the Sparta roads, parks and waterways. This year Sparta Bag It Day will be held on April 27, 2014.  
Over the years many individuals, neighborhoods, friends, businesses, schools, churches, scouting troops, clubs and home associations have participated.
Thomas Ryan, from Laddey, Clark and Ryan said, "The law firm of Laddey, Clark and Ryan, LLP has been an annual participant in Sparta's Bag it Day and looks forward to participating once again on April 27.  Sparta Bag it Day has become a welcomed rite of Spring for the attorneys, staff, clients, friends and family members at LCR. It is rewarding for each one of us to be proactive in improving our environment and having a visible impact on our natural surroundings. Look out fast food containers and Gatorade bottles. Here we come.”
Lee Daly, a 4th generation Spartan, commented,"'It is amazing how many bottles, cans, and wrappers are tossed from vehicles littering our roadsides.  There is a sense of accomplishment to clean the neighborhood and then look at the before and after.  All those cans and bottles can then go to the recycling center so they don't fill up our landfills. Salvage yards will give money in exchange for some metals, even aluminum cans.  Different metals have different values. Once the litter is gone the spring flowers starting popping and our earth begins to appear as it should, clean and beautiful."
Matt Putnam and his family participate in Sparta Bag It Day every year. "Sparta bag it day provides a great opportunity for those involved to build a sense of ownership and pride of the community."
“If every family takes just a half hour of their day to do a pick up on the roads in front of and a few hundred yards to each side of their driveways, it will make a huge difference.   Possibly make it a family effort. It can actually be fun and a good way to teach our communities children to take pride in and be a part of keeping our home towns beautiful,” according to Laura DeLea.
If you would like to participate in 2014, please email Mitch Morrison ( to register by April 15, 2014.  Morrison is coordinating the efforts of all of the participants and he will pickup trash bags when he is emailed their exact location.
Sparta Bag It Day Rules and Regulations
* All children must be continuously monitored by an adult.
* Everyone must wear bright clothing.
* Everyone must wear gloves, work pants and work boots.  Protective eye wear is recommended.
* Do not pick up glass, anything rusty, anything sharp, anything too heavy, anything that looks even remotely dangerous (like      syringes).
* Bring your own trash bags.
* Bring water and a healthy snack.
* Children are not allowed on the road to pick up trash.  Everyone must be off the road.
* You are invisible to all traffic.  Do not assume anyone can or will see you.
* Everyone must register via an email to