SPARTA, NJ—At the July Sparta Board of Education Meeting transportation was on the agenda. The results of the Transportation Study were presented by Superintendent Dr. Michael Rossi and Transportation Director Ria Gurski. The delayed opening schedule was also adjusted.

The Transportation Report gave an in depth look at the results of an analysis on Sparta Public Schools transportation. Chris Andrews was brought on to complete the Sparta transportation analysis. Superintendent Dr. Michael Rossi was familiar with his work in Roxbury, where Rossi previously worked.

Andrews’ recommendations included consolidating bus routes and individual bus stops. Additionally Andrews offered suggestions for dealing with bus drivers who continually show up late to work, including adding penalties into the language of the contract. 

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Andrews job was to gather information on Sparta Public Schools transportation, working closely with Gurski. Andrews interviewed key district staff including bus drivers, the school principals, Rossi, Athletic Director Steve Stoner and Gurski.

“The initial study cost was $11,000 but we felt the town saved $100,000 with the changes made,” Gurski said.

In the follow-up question and answer period with the board members, Gurski shared the lack of use of after school buses. Board member Kim Bragg asked about having the Athletic Director  coordinate the late or activity buses to ensure practices and rehearsals end in time for the students to make use of the buses.

Bragg also asked for additional communication such as Genesis emails with parents about the availability the afterschool activity buses. The board decided to try and make parents aware of the after-school bus availability in hopes of raising its popularity among students.

Following the presentation, the board passed a resolution to extend morning delayed opening times to two hours. This adds an addition 30 minutes to the previous hour and a half delay.