SPARTA, NJ - The Sparta boys tennis will follow the lead of their two best players, Nick Matkiwsky and James Wang. All they usually need from the other three matches is one win. After a confidence-building win on Monday and a quick turnaround for Tuesday's match, there was some optimism. Despite all of that, only Matkiwsky won his match.

Matkiwsky rarely had trouble with his opponent. He won 6-0, 6-1. When watching Wang's match, you would have thought he would win. He was handling his opponents powerful hits but somehow lost points. He lost the match 6-3, 6-3. 

Jared DeLeu struggled with consistency. Consistency is key in tennis. Players need to keep their form with every shot despite moving around the court and hitting different kinds of shots. Both doubles team struggled as well. Randolph was undefeated coming into the match.

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These are the types of matches Sparta will see this year. They have a tough schedule and are trying to rebuild a team that had two returning players. Matkiwsky and Wang are important players, Coach Wille told TapInto. But the importance for him is to develop the other five players on the team.  And "days like Monday and Tuesday will happen." The importance for Sparta as a team is to have more matches like Monday and fewer like Tuesday as the season moves along.

The Spartans, who are now 1-5, are back in action on Thursday in Vernon.