SPARTA, NJ – Every month each of the departments at Sparta High School chooses a student of the month.  Principal Janet Ferraro announces the following students were selected for April.

Benjamin Dottinger was selected for the English department.  His teacher, Danielle Kopp said, "Ben is a conscientious student who has grown quite a bit this year.  He works very hard and asks questions whenever needed.  He is an asset to the classroom as he helps students around him and participates actively in class.   In addition to his strong work ethic, he is just a joy to be around.  I have never seen him say an unkind word to anyone.  He brightens up the room and it's always a pleasure to teach him.  Ben is very deserving of Student of the month."

Sophomore Jenna Cole was chosen for the Art department.  Her teacher said, “She ended the third marking period with an A+.  She always listens, follows directions and works diligently in class. She is creative and comes up with unique ideas for projects.  Jenna is responsible, respectful, has a positive attitude and is a positive influence to other students.”

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William (Billy) Loewen represents the World Language Department as a German IV student.  His teacher Brigitte Blahut said, “Billy is motivated, asks questions, and works hard to keep up his excellent grades in my class.”

Freshman Melissa LaFountain was nominated for the Science department.

From the Music Department senior Chelsea Dauphinee was nominated for her work in Treble choir and Honors Choir.  Her teacher said, she was “selected to perform a vocal solo at State Teen Arts Plans to be a Vocal Performer.”

Social Studies teacher Brian Brennan selected senior Jack McDonough.  Brennan said, “Jack goes above and beyond the formal curriculum.  He has a true passion for the subject and his learning, being motivated by more than just a grade.”  

For the Mathematics department Debbie Allshouse selected Peter Griffith.  She said, Peter works hard, always trying his best.  He participates in class and asks thoughtful questions.  He is often thinking ahead to try to figure things out on his own. He voluntarily checks his answers if shown a way to do that and often completes an entire worksheet when only part of it is assigned.  He is conscientious about making up work he misses when absent.  Overall, he is curious, persistent, and motivated.”

Julia Miller was nominated for the Physical Education department.