SPARTA, NJ - Sparta High School Principal Janet Ferraro announced the January students of the month.  A student is selected to represent each department by their teachers.

Natalie Earl was nominated by her German teacher for the world language department.  “Natalie is an excellent student, responsible, smart and kind,” her teacher said. “She sets a great example for her peers by volunteering inside and outside of the classroom.

“She is a member of the German Honor Society, she sang on the German Christmas Market, and she was one of the first students to volunteer to teach in the Helen Morgan After School Program.  She is always the first to help others who might be struggling.”

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The social studies department nominated Brett DiBlasio.  His teacher said, “Brett has a great work ethic, adds insightful participation and has performed at high level for the entire year.”

Sophia Oelkers was chosen to represent the English department.  Her teacher Andrew Lowrey said, “All year, Sophia has maintained an "A" average, and does it through hard work, care in her product, and a love of learning. This week she turned in a perfect research paper on global warming that was not only meticulous with regards to grammar but elevated, insightful, and written with the voice of an articulate expert in the field.”

Lowery was so excited that he called home immediately and left a message that said, “Welcome to the 'A+' Club.”

The physical education department selected Caroline Kepler.  Her teacher said, “Caroline, is one of the top performing students in health and physical education. She has earned a near perfect score in health, which she has gone above and beyond with her writing tasks and exam scores. When she is in physical education, she performs more fitness numbers then requested and shows above well-skilled performance.

“Her attitude and interactions with her teacher and peers is in the role-model category with how respectful she is of her environment, as she is always a pleasure to be around.”

The Technology, Career and Consumer Science department nominated Alexis Anderson.  Her Materials Processing teacher Jeff Trzcinski said, “Alexis has demonstrated a high work ethic and her attention to detail is unmatched. Alexis tackles classroom assignments, tasks, and skills in an organized manner.”

Luke Simmons was chosen by the art department.  His teacher Christie Graham said, “Luke is very creative with his photo projects and has shown a huge growth in camera and Photoshop skills.  Always excited for what he's going to create with each project.”

The math department selected Amanda Sansone.  Her teacher Johnessa Sakellaropoulos said she “would like to honor Amanda Sansone's hard work and effort in our Academic Geometry course.  Amanda comes into lunch almost daily for extra practice and re-explanations.  Her work ethic and positive attitude both in class and outside of class is something to recognize.”

Lorenzo Rendina was nominated by the music department for his participation in Wind Ensemble, Concert Choir, Men's Choir, Shacappella,and in the spring musical. His teacher said, “He is a very dedicated, respectful, hard working person.”