SPARTA, NJ - Every month each of the departments at Sparta High School chooses a student of the month.  Principal Janet Ferraro announces the following students were selected for October.

Logan Daghlian was nominated by the English department.  His teacher said, “After a slow start, Logan responded by seeking out feedback and working tirelessly to grow and progress throughout the marking period.  He completes all assignments ahead of time in order to review them with his teacher and with his peers, and he is so appreciative of the support and the learning process.”

The representative from the mathematics department is Will Tierney.  The freshman’s teacher said, “Will has done an excellent job this marking period completing all of his work and even seeking additional practice to master his skills.  Will has gone to Mrs. Greco, Mr. Battaglia and Mr. Hall numerous times throughout the weeks to master concepts.  His work ethic should be commended and praised.  Will also does an excellent job participating in class and working with his classmates.  We, as an algebra team, hope Will continues with his hard work and success for the remainder of the school year.”

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Natalia Brownstein was chosen by the science department.  Brownstein’s teacher said, “Natalia is a 10th grader from CP bio for student of the month. She has shown great attention to detail and an interest in science during the first marking period. Moreover, she is a skilled collaborator and works productively with others to push her own and the groups learning forward.”  

The social studies teachers selected April VanNieuwland.  Her teacher said,April is a senior with very strong study skills. She demonstrates a conscientious and diligent approach to her AP class and it is clear that she goes beyond what is asked in preparing for her assessments. She also asks questions that reflect her content knowledge about psychology.”

Spanish student Sarah Mathusek represents the world language department for October. Her teacher said, “Sarah works diligently in AP Spanish while attempting to use the target language the entire time, especially with Senora Sachenski, but also encouraging her peers to use more Spanish as well. She completes every assignment to the best of her ability and incorporates constructive criticism in to her next assignments. She asks for advice on how to improve her language skills and has begun to even watch authentic shows on Netflix. She is a true language learner.

Junior Sydney Van Brunt was selected by her teacher Christine Mase from the art department.  Mase said, “Sydney takes both my Intermediate Art and Intermediate Photography. She is a high level student who is always willing to participate and grow in her work and find value in doing the homework and work outside of class. She received a 97.1 and a 96 in both her classes. She likes to do well for herself and takes all of her work home, to continue a high level of output in her work. This helps dramatically in her success in her final artwork. She volunteers to take photographs of school events and continues to promote school spirit also with her positive attitude. She is my director of photography in yearbook and over-all is a great student representative in the visual arts in our school.”

The technology, career and consumer science teacher Jeff Trzcinski nominated Quinlan Van Es.  Trzcinski said, “Quin displays a high level of motivation and his attention to detail is unmatched. Quin has developed mechanical aptitude and problem solving skills which contributes greatly to his success. Quin's ability to work independently and stay on track sets him apart from most students.”

Shelby Kapp was also nominated from TCC for marketing.  Kapp’s teacher said, “Shelby Kapp is a marketing student, DECA Officer, and an entrepreneur. She always goes above and beyond what is required both in and out of the classroom, and takes initiative to make things happen. Shelby successful started and is operating her own jewelry business, called Simplicity Stones, and is an inspiration for future entrepreneurs. She is a great example of student who is not afraid to take risks and work hard to be successful.” 

Theresa Pedoto represents the physical education department for October.  Pedoto’s teacher said, “Theresa has shown stellar leadership qualities and great skill development in all activities. Her personality and positive attitude creates a perfect class environment and has performed above and beyond class requirements.”

Josh Williams was nominated for the music department.  Williams recently performed with the All State Jazz Ensemble.