Sparta High School French 1 and French 2 students spread some holiday cheer today! The students, along with teacher Mrs.Cole, took a trip to Sparta Alpine Elementary School. It was a tremendous success! 

The students traveled to each section of the school, singing "Un Petit Sapin" and "Vive Le Vent" ("Jingle Bells") where sophomore Drew Muzzo performed a few solos! Once the French version of "Jingle Bells" concluded, we did a 'battle' with the elementary kids singing the song in English while at the same time, the French students sang it in French. What a sight! After both songs were sang, the French students then went to individual classrooms to partner up with the kids to teach them a few phrases such as "Bonjour" and "Je m'appelle..." 

Mrs.Slavin's class, The "Slavinettes" even made a huge thank-you letter for us and read it aloud. All the teachers expressed their thanks and hope that this becomes a tradition.