SPARTA, NJ – The Sparta High School media resource center was transformed to an art gala last month for the first juried Sparta Arts Gala.  Each art student had several pieces on display from the front door and throughout the room.

This was also the first year the artwork could be displayed on the new boards donated to the school through the Sparta Education Foundation. 

Kristen Lindsley’s Sculpture and Ceramics students received awards:

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  • Outstanding Artistic Growth to Emille Sullivan
  • Overall Outstanding Performance to Meilssa Nolan
  • Outstanding Ambition to Gianluca Bivona
  • Outstanding Creativity to Camilla Kwok

Christine Mase’s students were awarded:

  • Overall Outstanding Performance to Caitlin Scarpa and Kirsten Ring
  • True to Oneself in Mark Making to Carter Sheridan
  • Outstanding Artistic Growth and Work Ethic to Sarah Veasey
  • Outstanding Creativity to Sophia Masterson

Robin Cuttillo’s students were awarded:

  • Overall Outstanding Performance to Kylie Piacentino for Drawing and Painting
  • Outstanding Artistic Growth to Isabella Candeloro for Drawing and Painting
  • Outstanding Resourcefulness to Jeanne Earl for 3D Design
  • Outstanding Creativity to BethAnn Putnam for 3D Design

Christie Graham’s Photography students:

  • Overall Outstanding Performance to Chloe Dillon
  • Hardest Working to Parker Sokol
  • Consistently Awesome to Mitchell Coyle
  • Outstanding Creativity to Robert Pegollo
  • Rise to Every Challenge to Ashley Jackson

Jen Kucher-Csaltos 3D Design students were awarded:

  • Overall Outstanding Performance to Madi Schwing
  • Hardest Working to Hailey Koerner
  • Consistently Awesome to Hope Nafis
  • Rise to Every Challenge Julia Liland

The students’ artwork covered a wide range of medium from clay and paper sculpture, photography, acrylic and water color painting along with mix media pieces including string, glass, fabric, wood and more. 

The event is held each year in the spring as a culmination of the students’ efforts.  This year the art department added extended hours including a Saturday morning viewing  to allow as many family members and people in the community the opportunity to enjoy the work of the talented students.