SPARTA, NJ- Sparta High School principal Ronnie Spring announces the November Students of the Month 2019.  Every month a student is selected to represent each department, nominated by teachers.

The English department selected Amanda Roberson.  Her teacher said, “Amanda is a quiet student who is consistent in her work. She avoids distractions and has a keen attention to detail in her explanations and elaborations. She is always willing to try new strategies in note taking and assessment and never has a complaint. Amanda is an excellent advocate for herself when she is absent to complete missed assignments, or if she is struggling to understand something. She is kind and will help a classmate when needed.”

Daniel Maher was chosen by the Science department for his work in his honors physical science class.  His teacher Dana Miller said, “Daniel is a hard-working student who does well in both the classroom and the lab. He is mature and confident and asks high-level questions.”

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For the Social Studies department, Ben Lipton was chosen for his work in AP European History.  Lipton’s teacher said, “Ben has been an active contributor to class discussions and leader in group activities. His participation improves the understanding of students around him and positively influences class progress.”

Freshman Chad Wood represents the World Language Department. His teacher said, “Chad is a very diligent student who is always willing to help in the classroom. He takes great pride in his work and strives to do the best he can whether it be a homework assignment or a major assessment. Chad was demonstrated improvement this year.”

Andrew Maasbach was chosen by the Physical Education department.  Maasbach’s teacher said, “Andrew did extra work in PE to show upper tier achievement. He was a captain for a Unit 2 and always showed great sportsmanship. I could tell this was an important quality to Andrew. Currently he is in health for this marking period. He is always taking notes, I see critical thinking skills being used. And he is focused on all practical tests now with before giving care and now CPR skills.”

Vocalist Caitlyn Verney represents the Music department.  Verney’s teacher said, “Kaitlyn has been a dedicated member in Honors Choir, Women's Choir, Sparta Sirens, Shacappella, and a teaching assistant for Freshman Select Choir. Kaitlyn performed with the All Sussex County Honors Choir this November and is auditioning for Region Choir. She has performed in the ensemble in the Spring Musical for several years and always has a great attitude and work ethic.”

For her work in CP Algebra 1 Kimberly Bellamy represents the Mathematics department.  Her teacher Christine Fleming said, “Kimi works so hard in class, helps members of her group that struggle and is an active member of our lessons. I can always count on Kimi to help out anyone that needs help in the class or put problems up on the board. She has an A average in Algebra 1 CP and works very hard for it.”

Introduction to Sculpture student, Nick Hwang was chosen by the Art department.  The sophomore’s teacher said, “He is a genuinely curious artistic explorer. Not only is he amazing during class with following directions, showing respect and being genuinely involved in every aspect of the class, but he asks questions and pays attention to details well beyond an introductory student. He comes in during lunch to work on projects and put in that extra effort. He's signed up for the raku trip because the idea of the alternative firing process intrigued him and he wants to experience all he can. He also helps others during lunch and exhibits positive enthusiasm for the process. I love having him as a student.”

Robert Rivelle was selected by the Technology, Career and Consumer Science department.  Rivelle’s Broadcast Journalism teacher said, “Robert has stepped up his game within Broadcast Journalism 2. He tackles the hard positions and is willing to give it his best. He has been an integral part of the Sparta Scoop.”