SPARTA, NJ - Sparta High School competed in the New Jersey Chemistry Olympics on Thursday, May 14. The event was held at NJIT in Newark, NJ, and SHS was one of 17 schools to compete this year. Chemistry Olympics is a competition where students from all over New Jersey research various aspects of chemistry-- labs, research papers, models, and more--and present their findings to a panel of judges.

The Chemistry Olympics has ten events:

  1. Chemistry Research Event
  2. Environmental Research Event
  3. Engineering Research Event
  4. Website Design Event
  5. Demonstration Show Event
  6. Chemical Nomenclature Event
  7. Information Search Event
  8. Analytical Chemistry Lab Event
  9. Instrumentation Lab Event
  10. Microscale Lab Event

SHS students competed in every event, and participation was so high this year that two teams had to be created so more people could compete.

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The Sparta teams did excellently, with Team A placing in ninth place out of 27 teams. Sparta took ninth place in the Analytical Lab, eighth place in Environmental Research, seventh place in Chemical Engineering, fifth place in the Demonstration Shows, fourth place in Info Search, and first place in Web Design.

Brendon Strowe earned first place in the Web Design category for his website on fossil fuels. You can view his impressive work at He says that his win ¨was definitely a surprise, but at the same time it was very exciting" and he would ¨encourage other kids to try Chemistry Olympics because it is a lot of fun." This was the first time in seven years that Sparta placed within the top three in the web design category.

The Sparta Chemistry Olympics coach, Mrs. Angela Trzcinski, says that she is “very impressed" with the students' performance this year, especially Brendan Strowe, who she says “did a wonderful, amazing job." She praises the competition itself, saying she ¨love[s] the day" spent at the college and believes it to be a wonderful promoter of the scientific fields for ¨students who are interested.¨

High school chemistry teachers Angela Trzcinksi and Ashley Markovic led the Chemistry Olympics team this year. Trzcinski has attended Chemistry Olympics for the past 14 years and has been Sparta's coach for 11 years. Many students praised the teachers' dedication and the indispensable time and help they gave to competitors.