To the editor: 

For this year’s AP project in our English class, we have put together a 2018 Sparta High School time capsule to be opened in 25 years. The capsule, likely to be buried next to the garden behind the school, will contain student testimonies, memes, and other relics of our time. Hopefully with this project we hope to preserve our unique experience of teenage culture.
We really want this time capsule to reflect what it’s like to be a young adult alive in 2018; specifically what it’s like to be a Sparta teenager in 2018. Therefore, it was essential for us to include lots of examples of pop culture, as that is such an integral part of teenage life. Memes, especially, reveal Generation Z’s unique and absurd humor, which is probably very different from the humor of future (or past) generations. Evolving memes are the newest and most prolific part of teenage pop culture; they transcend from our favorite TV shows (Spongebob) to just random viral phenomena. They are an integral part of what we laugh at and who we are. We hope that these memes, our vernacular, and SHS history won’t be lost to time or hidden away on the second and third pages of Google search results. Maybe highlighting this info will interest teens of the future, weird them out, or even make them laugh.
We included real survey responses from students who shared their favorite high school memories as well as their thoughts on what Sparta and the future will be like. We added a news section to inform the future students about our current local events that were most important. Teens are stereotypically obsessed with “fitting in,” and “fitting in” is all about keeping up with trends. So we thought to include lists of fashion trends, popular music, movies, etc. such would be interesting. Who knows, maybe in 25 years some of the fashion trends today will be considered “vintage,” or a certain popular artist will be played on an “oldies” station. 

Overall, we wanted to capture a snapshot in time, to preserve the weird, popular, and interesting teen culture of the mid-to-late 2010s. If you have any interesting stories or tchotchkes you would like us to include in the capsule, feel free to contact us at

Simon Levien, Sylvia Kloian, Zoe Merold, Jessica Longstreth, William Theilacker