SPARTA, NJ - Beautiful dresses and handsome suits were all to be seen at Sparta High School’s Winter Snowball Dance on Saturday, January 20.  This year’s theme, chosen by Student Council, was the Great Gatsby.

The venue was Sparta High School’s cafeteria; there was no shortage of music, dancing and lots of fun, decorations, and food.

One of the many attendees, Allie Middleton said “It was a great night! This dance will definitely be a memorable, thanks to all of my friends who attended.”

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As students entered Sparta High School, the school’s therapy dog, Franc greeted everyone with glowing enthusiasm, which immediately set the evening up for a great night. After checking in, students proceeded to the through and entry where the setting was surrounded by white and black curtains and gold lights to provide the effect of the 1920s setting during the Great Gatsby.

Once the students arrived, the DJ’s Electrifying Productions, were ready to begin the party, playing music from the Great Gatsby movie along with many popular dance requests.  Inside, there were sofas for lounging, a large dance floor, and many delicious appetizers and for all who attended.

To ensure the night’s great memories were captured, a photo booth was set up provided by Rokstar Events. In addition, Mase took many photos of the all the fun and dancing that will be captured in the year book memories for 2015-2016. 

However, not to be forgotten are the famous Snowball King and Queen. This year’s winners were Jack Muino as King and Daniella Montesano as Queen.  Once presented with the award, the two went on to dance to Ed Sheeran’s Song "Thinking Out Loud."

When asked his thoughts about the dance and winning formal king, Jack Muino reported “The Snowball was really well done. I loved the 1920’s aesthetic and the vibe it created. Also, I had no idea I was going to be crowned Formal King and I’m so honored to have that title."

The night concluded with the announcement of four winners from the Snowball raffle.  They received gift cards to Villa Capri in Sparta.

As student were departing many favorable comments were heard, with the juniors sharing how they cannot wait for next year’s fun and the seniors sharing how this is a great memory as they begin their journey towards college.

The Student Council Winter Formal Officers were Sean Schoch, Serena Arnold, Scott Altieri and Andrew Taveras.  They worked on planning the event.  Tim Librizzi and Angela DeLuccia are the advisors.  The Student Council together with the Sparta High School PSTO provided food and decorations to make the night memorable.