SPARTA, NJ - Sparta High School Principal Dr Daniel Johnson has announced the September Students of the Month.  The teachers and supervisors in each department have nominated a student for recognition for a number of different reasons; personal growth, individual achievement, contributing to the school community to name a few.

The Mathematics department has named Amanda Scully currently taking CP Geometry and CP Algebra II.  She has been nominated because she is a hard worker, seeking academic assistance not lack of understanding but for the opportunity to discuss topics to further her knowledge.

Danny Waitzman has been nominated from the Science department.  Waitzman is a freshman Environmental Science student.  His teacher said, “Danny is a friendly polite young man, who has great potential and demonstrates a deep understanding of science.  He participates in class discussion and often asks questions to further his knowledge.”

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The Social Studies department recognized Soumya S Duggirala for having made a strong impression as a freshman at the high school, according to her teacher.  She has performed well on various Honors World History assessments and is a willing participant in classroom activities.  Her teacher said, “Duggirala has even requested additional reading material on topics related to the classroom activities, reflecting and inquisitive and lifelong learner.”

German IV Honors student Emily Johnson has been named World Language September Student of the Month.  Johnson has an A+ average and she a member of the Delta Epsilon Phi the German National Honor Society.  “Emily participates enthusiastically in class.  She completes every assignment given, contributes to all class discussions and asks intelligent questions,” said her teacher. “She serves as a role model to her peers through her positive attitude, her thirst for knowledge and her work ethic.  She is very friendly, responsible, intelligent, helpful and considerate.  Emily is a most dedicated student and a fine representative of the German language program at Sparta High School and of our school’s values.”

First chair Alto Saxophonist of the Symphonic Band, Robin Chaney has the nomination of the music department.  This is her third year in the high school music program.  “Robin has been one of the most hard working and consistent students in our program, growing and improving year in and year out.  She is not the top performing saxophonist in our program, but she is perhaps the most dedicated by fair measure.  She is also one of the most responsible and selfless students in our program.  She is always volunteering to assist her teacher.  Chaney is also one of the two Field Majors for the award winning Sparta High School Marching Band,” said her teacher.   

Sebastian Cook was named Student of the Month by the English Department.  Cook is recognized for being dedicated to his school work, helping other students, his class participation and enthusiasm for learning.  Recently he has been helping his classmates craft their college essays.  “He’s just an overall great kid and model student and citizen,” said his teacher.

For the Art department Emily Haag has received recognition.  Haag is known to be a hard-working, driven student. “She dives into her work and completes it with creativity and an attention to detail,” said her teacher.   “She is willing to put in the extra time necessary to carry out her creative ideas.  She has a good work ethic and is always respectful and polite.  Her excellent craftsmanship is displayed in all of her work, in particular her independent summer project.”   

The Technology, Career and Consumer Science department has nominated Junior Matt Dempsey a Robotic Engineering 2 student.  “Matt demonstrates a combination of excellent mechanical aptitude as well as excellent organizational and design process management skills,” said this teacher.  “These skills have enabled him to accomplish much by way of technical achievement in robotic design and construction.”

The Student Assistant Counselor has nominated Jillian O’Connor for having demonstrated strength in the face of adversity since her freshmen year.  When faced with a challenge, she comes for help tackles it head on and now has been instrumental in calming a situation that could have been much worse among a group of her friends.  This student has become a courageous and strong woman.

Finally the Principal’s Student of the Month is Maddie Cuan. Johnson said, “Maddie Cuan has been chosen as the recipient of September’s Principal Student of the Month due to her fantastic start to the new school year.  Since starting, Maddie has worked to spearhead a new humanitarian effort, Clean Water, that will help raise funds to provide clean water to those in need.  Additionally, she is an active part of our fall drama and has met with administration to discuss the play and work out scenes.  Lastly, she has started the year off on a great foot within the classroom.”