SPARTA, NJ – Sparta High School Principal Janet Ferraro announced the Students of the Month for March .  Every month a student is chosen to represent each department. 

Jonathan Stevens has been selected to represent the science department.  His teacher said, “He has been doing a wonderful job in biology.”

The Social Studies department has chosen sophomore Kanita Tariq.  Her teacher said, “Kanita is a motivated and responsible student.  Her dedication to producing quality writing assignments and researching the intricacies of historical events serve as a positive example for her peers.  In addition, Kanita's positive attitude and effusive nature help to build on the level of scholarly candor in the classroom.” 

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Freshman Nicholas Yurchak was nominated for the World Language department for his work in Spanish.  His teacher said, “He not only approaches each day openly and gives his best but voices his thoughts and opinions at times when others won't. He is bright, humble and a positive influence on my class. It is a pure joy to have Nicolás in my class this year.”

Hailey Keorner represents the Mathematics department. Her CP Algebra 2 teacher Cynthia Rugys said, “Hailey is an exceptional student. She always works to the highest standards. Hailey is a group leader in any classroom situation. She helps explain concepts to weaker students. Hailey is polite and respectful to all of her peers and she always has a smile on her face. I am lucky to have had Hailey as a student for both CP Geometry and CP Algebra 2.”

Huichun “Dinny” Liang was chosen by her English 10 teacher, who said, Dinny is not only a pleasure to have in class, but she is incredibly determined to do well in English 10. She is naturally inquisitive, which motivates her to understand the concepts and master the skills of the 10th grade English curriculum. Dinny always completes her work on time and never fails to come to academic assistance for extra help when needed. This contributes greatly to her success. To top it all off, she is kind to her peers and always ready to help out a classmate in need. Her English teachers, Lauren Gomez and EliseMilone, are big fans of Miss Liang.”

The Technology, Career and Consumer Science department selected Olivia Agius.  Her teacher Jenevieve D'Amico said, “Olivia is a teacher's assistant for my Exploring Culinary Arts Class and also the Secretary of the Culinary Cuisine Club. She serves as a valuable asset in both positions. She has organized the events thus far for our culinary club that have proved to be successful. Olivia has proven to be a terrific leader for her fellow classmates at Sparta High School. In the classroom as a teacher's assistant, Olivia shares the culinary knowledge she gained with the underclassmen and helps to guide them in the right direction when needed during lab events. Olivia is a bright, responsible, sweet young woman who is all around just a pleasure to have in my classroom.” 

Valeria Molina was selected by the Business department for her work in her Marketing and Management class.

Gianluca Bivona was nominated by the Art department.  His teacher said, “Gianluca is a creative, hardworking, dedicated individual who goes above and beyond on all of his projects and puts in the time and effort in and outside of class to do his best.  He has consistently had an A+ in advanced sculpture this year and his projects have all been outstanding.  Gianluca has a great eye for design and he stands out for his artistic talents and ideas.  He is such an asset to have in class as he goes out of his way to help other students and offer assistance and advice when they need it.”

Nicole Kwon was selected by the Music department.  Her teacher said, “Nicole is a senior who plays the viola beautifully. She has been a very dedicated member of the orchestra program at Sparta High School for all four years as well as performing in the Sparta High School String Quartet in Teen Arts and State Teen Arts for all four years. She is also a member of the chamber music club and the Sussex County Youth Orchestra.”

Garrett Stewart was chosen by the Physical Education department.