NEWTON, NJ—The Sparta Karate Academy held an open house to launch its new location on Saturday. With a history of more than two decades teaching students, the school has a new home.

The academy was established in 1994 and offers a wide range of benefits for people of all ages; for children from ages five to teens and for adults.

The program that is offered by the Sparta Karate Academy is one that is “dedicated to discipline, of the mind and body and the development of a positive winning attitude.”

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According to the head instructor, Joan Felenczak, "the benefits include increased stamina and fitness and increased coordination, improved concentration, reduce stress, relaxation, and positive attitude and as well as respect and confidence, self-defense and  self-control."

Over 40 students and instructors of the Sparta and Rockaway Karate Academy held two demonstrations at the new location, 290 Newton Sparta Road.

They demonstrated some Kata to those who came to watch some Kata.   Kata is a performed technique or drill, some basic techniques such as a straightforward punch and an elbow strike.  They also showed off their favorite techniques breaking pieces of wood.

The younger students, whose ranks ranged from a beginner white belt, to advanced brown belt, demonstrated some break-fall techniques combined with some basic punches and kicks.

In between the two demonstrations offered that day, instructors taught some of the children in attendance some basic moves, such as a punch and a kick.

Anyone interested in the Sparta Karate Academy visit their website or call 973-940-8864.

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