It’s that time of year again! The scheduling procedure for the 2018-2019 school year has begun, a process most Sparta students have become routinely familiar with. This year Sparta High School has introduced an online scheduling process on Parent Portal.

Selecting the right classes is more important than one may think. When choosing courses, it is vital to remember to keep track of graduation requirements, experiment with electives to uncover future career interests, and prepare for college - a reality that is approaching quicker than can be realized.

For incoming sophomores, it is time to start thinking about the Financial Literacy requirement, by either selecting the semester course or completing it online through the Money University program. Electives wise, it is best to immediately fulfill the 21st Century Skills and Visual/Performing Arts requirements so in your junior and senior years, you can take classes you really want. Now that you have experienced freshman courses, as tenth-graders you can either choose to take more intro classes or advanced levels in appealing subjects. On top of that, sophomores are fortunate enough to learn the ins and outs of driving during their scheduled health marking period. There is much to look forward to!

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Calling all juniors! Not only do they have an increasing variety of English, science, and history electives to choose from, the door of APs is now open. Dive into the AP world and prepare to study for courses you’ve heard horror stories about. Time is ticking! Maybe add an SAT prep course to get ready for the big jump.

Senior year is one of tying up loose ends, as fulfilling graduation requirements is a necessity. Beware! If the Finance Literature credits are not earned by the end of junior year, the class is automatically scheduled for senior students. CP English is now considered an elective and there is an even wider variety of AP classes to choose from. Got all your graduation requirements down? You can add a study hall in your schedule, guilt-free. It is your last year of high school, make it count - socially and academically.

The scheduling tab on the portal is open until February 16, after which meetings with counselors will be arranged. The self-selection process is meant to be for electives, as the core classes have been pre-selected based on teacher recommendations. Students can refer to the course catalog for class descriptions and are encouraged to also select alternative electives, prioritizing classes on a scale of 1-5. When finished, students should submit their selections, and await their meeting with counselors to review them.

The new online procedure is meant to be an effective, speedy, and convenient tactic to schedule classes for the upcoming year and gets rid of the sheets of papers previously used to select courses. As the struggle with making decisions that can potentially affect an student’s academic careers, scheduling remains an exciting prospect for all.