SPARTA, NJ - Sparta Middle School Principal Michael Gregory has announced the Students of the third Marking for the 2017-2018 school year.  The teachers of the three academic teams in each grade level recognized two students for their notable actions and contributions to the Sparta Middle School community.

The sixth grade teams are Amber, Sapphire and Topaz.

The Amber team selected Ashley Crane and Gabriel Jarvis.

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Ashely Crane is an all around outstanding representative of a Sparta Middle School student.  She excels in all she does both academically and socially.  She is a gifted student who maintains high honors while participating in an accelerated class schedule.  Ashley has many interests both in and out of school.  She plays flute in the band, runs spring track, knits, was a vendor in the TREP$ program and even taps maple sugar from a tree in her yard.  The Amber team is proud to have Ashley on our team.

Gabriel Jarvis is a quiet, well-mannered member of the Amber team.  He is a responsible student who prides himself on doing the right thing whether that is completing his assignments, following class procedures, holding a door for someone or assisting a peer or staff member.  He is kind, hardworking and puts forth 100 percent effort in all he does.  The Amber team is lucky to have such a good, respectful and conscientious student on our team. 

The Sapphire team selected Thomas Paradiso and Abbey Pierson.

Thomas Paradiso is a quiet role model in our class.  He is extremely helpful and works very hard to complete tasks.  He pays attention to details and takes pride in his work. Thomas has a positive outlook on school related work and demonstrates a true love of learning.

Abbey Pierson is a strong positive influence in class.  She will self-advocate and asks questions in order to gain a better understanding of the topic.  Abbey loves to participate in class discussions and is willing to take on challenges.  She is hardworking and demonstrates a clear love of learning.

The Topaz team chose Jordyn Kelly and Braeden Neal.

Jordyn Kelly has a commitment to excellence.  She is inquisitive and makes connections to her learning.  Throughout the year, she has proven her diligence and pride in her work.  She serves as a positive role model to her peers.

Braeden Neal is a polite and responsible student. He collaborates well with his peers and serves as a leader in the classroom.  He’s successfully adapted to the rigors of the middle school, which is shown in consistent improvement in academic performance.

The seventh grade teams are Diamond, Garnet and Ruby.

The Diamond team selected Ryan McEllen and Ella Simmons.

Ryan McEllen is one of the Diamond team’s stalwart students.  He is not only dedicated to his studies but has a genuine commitment to learning.  He goes beyond the usual assignment and delves beneath the surface for an added depth to his knowledge.  Friendly and kind to all, he can often be seen helping those in need and has a ready smile for everyone.  Maintaining the highest standard both personally and academically, Ryan is a source of pride for the Diamond team.   

Ella Simmons is an incredible student and individual.  She is a kind classmate, helpful friend and trustworthy individual.  Her honesty and integrity shine through daily as she navigates her way through school.  She is a role model in the classroom, unfailingly respectful and positive.  Ella can always be counted on to do the right thing and help others along the way- trustworthy, always above board and ethical.

The Garnet team chose Krista Dengler and Frank Milano.

Krista Dengler is a young lady who is very intelligent, respectful, diligent and focused.  At times she can be a bit reserved but seems to choose the right time to ask questions or raise her hand in class.  She almost always can be seen with a smile on her face.  She is a leader not only in the classroom but throughout our school community.  We are so happy to have Krista Dengler on our team this year. 

Frank Milano does no say a great deal and is also ab it shy.  He is a very hard worker and always seems to know the right course of action to take.  His work ethic really has helped him in areas of struggle and has helped him grow as a person and as a student.  His personality, demeanor and internal drive has affectionately gained him the nickname “Frank the Tank.”  We are proud to have Frank Milano as our student of the third marking period recipient.

The Ruby team selected Aidan Mahoney and Mason Munier.

Aidan Mahoney continues to be a diligent student who always shows respect for his teacher sand peers.  He consistently puts forth his best effort in all his academics and elective classes.  His teachers recognize his polite, kind hearted and thoughtful personality.  In addition, he demonstrates responsibility often as he completes his assignment on time frequently.  The Ruby team is lucky to have him as a student this year.  Keep up the hard work and demonstrating the six pillars of character.

Mason Munier is a caring considerate and well-rounded person.  She includes others in both academics and athletic activities.  Further, she frequently demonstrates leadership qualities among her peers and is a positive role model.  She shows an ability to work will in a variety of settings and consistently shows growth and strong grades in all academic areas.  The Ruby team is happy to have her.  Her teachers enjoy her infectious smile and warm character.  Her teachers are proud of the effort she demonstrates on a daily basis. 

The eighth grade teams are Emerald, Jade and Pearl.

The Emerald team chose Alannah Dobrzynski and Kennedy Masternak. 

Alannah Dobrzynski has been a leader in all of her classes from September until now.  She goes above and beyond in everything that her teachers ask her to do and is always curious and interested in learning.  Alannah is a great student to work with an is always accommodating to her classmates when partnered in class.

Kennedy Masternak is a kind and conscientious student.  She is a pleasure to have in class and works very hard to succeed in everything she does.  Kennedy is a self-starter and proactively works to ensure that she is no the right path. 

The Jade team selected Andy Stefancik and Paige Sumowski.

Andy Stefancik is a young man who has balanced sports, academics and friends in eight grade consistently all year.  He is good natured, conscientious, hardworking, humble and the epitome of a gentleman.  We have no doubt that he will be incredibly successful as he moves on to high school, because his choices and efforts are always made according to his stellar values.  We are happy to give this award to Andy Stefancik. 

Paige Sumowski is a young lady that despite all the pressure and stress that comes with being a student near the end of her eight grade year, seems to be happy every single day.  Since day one, she has been focused, conscientious and hard working and those efforts have not wavered.  While peer pressure can be intense in middle school, she never seems to compromise on what she knows is right as a student or a person.  She never leaves any classroom without telling her teachers to have a nice day – every single day.  Her kindness, consideration and selflessness are completely genuine.  We are lucky to have such an exemplar student on the Jade team.

The Pearl team chose Shannon Huhn and Paige O’Connor.

Shannon Huhn is the Pearl team’s student of the marking period.  Shannon is an excellent student who consistently shows great care and dedication to her school work.  She is a kind and considerate classmate who can work well with any other student.  She is also active in extracurricular pursuits and has shown an interest in social activism.  We are so proud of Shannon for her work in and out of school.

Paige O’Connor is the Pearl team student of the marking period.  In addition to her diligence to academics, Paige also balances a busy schedule outside of the classroom.  She is an excellent team mate who is kind and respectful of those around her.  Paige can be counted on to participate in all classroom activities with great attention to detail.  We can’t wait to hear of her future success.