SPARTA, NJ – Sparta Middle School’s first marking period has ended and Principal Michael Gregory has announced the Students of the First  Marking for the 2017-2018 school year.  The teachers of the three academic teams in each grade level recognized two students for their notable actions and contributions to the Sparta Middle School community.

The sixth grade teams are Amber, Sapphire and Topaz. 

The Amber team has nominated Gabrielle Heim and Aiden Parlapiano:

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“Gabrielle Heim is a hard-working student that takes pride in her work. She is a friendly young lady that always has a smile on her face. Gabby is trustworthy and willing to help others. Her teachers can always count on her to participate and she is a pleasure to have in class.”

“Aiden Parlapiano is an energetic learner whose enthusiasm for learning helps create a positive learning environment. Aiden is quick to help others and always has a positive attitude. Aiden's thirst for knowledge and natural curiosity makes him successful in the classroom while his charismatic personality makes him well liked among his peers.”

The Sapphire team has nominated Charlie Canzoniero and Malaya Dobbs:

“Charlie Canzoniero is a student who is quietly helpful to his peers and is a true "team player". His positive attitude shines through in our classes as he responds to the task at hand or to questions by others. He gives his best in whatever he is doing in school. He is a pleasure to have in class and also a true role model for others.”

“Malaya Dobbs is a kind, compassionate young lady who is focused in class and is willing to assist others.l she participates in discussions and is not afraid to take a chance when responding. She is a positive role model and respectful to her classmates and teachers and is a delight to have in our classes.”

The Topaz team has nominated Jake Koerner and Sarah Weisbeck:

Jake Koerner exudes a quiet confidence with his relaxed and upbeat demeanor. His academic honesty is matched only by his willingness to participate in a substantive and meaningful manner. Jake is an asset to the team and his peer group.

Sarah Weisbeck is a highly motivated and conscientious student. Her engaged and inquisitive nature has a positive effect on both the class environment and her peers. Sarah exemplifies Topaz Team core values.

The seventh grade teams are the Diamond, Garnet and Ruby.

The Diamond team has selected Bailey Chapman and Fin Perry:

“Bailey Chapman is a hardworking student. She is not afraid of a challenge, always putting her best foot forward. Bailey quietly sets examples for others, with a personal dedication that is set quite high. She is both academic and athletic, and is a true friend to those around her. Bailey is a source of pride for the Diamond Team.”

“Fin Perry is a highly motivated student who has a genuine curiosity to learn. Ne cares deeply about school and the many opportunities it presents. Finn is unfailingly conscientious in evetything he does. Regardless of the task at hand, whether it's a simple piece for homework or a major project, Finn goes above and beyond to produce his best work. Finn is also a stellar example of a kind and generous individual. He is open and accepting of others -- always willing to lend a hand or help someone in need.”

The Garnet team has selected Devin Dean and Nick McIvor:

“Devin Dean is a quiet leader. She is always willing to jump in and help fellow students in class. She leads by example when participating in class projects and never complains. Devin brightens up the room with her smile, and is very respectful to all around her. She is very organized and works hard on her schoolwork. We are proud to have her as a member of the 2017-2018 Garnets.”

“Nick McIvor is a very respectful and hard-working student. He works well with fellow classmates, and has a terrific personality. Nick is respected by other students and has set lofty goals for himself, including becoming a doctor or playing lacrosse. The Garnet Team is confident that in the future, Nick McIvor will be able to handle whatever situation life offers him.”

The Ruby team has selected Goldie Ancis and Anthony Lane:

“Goldie Ancis is a thoughtful, sweet and a well-rounded student. Her decision making is excellent and she surrounds herself with other hard-working and caring individuals. She continues to challenge and motivate herself in all core subject areas. Without a doubt she demonstrates the essential 6 Pillars of Character. Congratulations Goldie.”

“Anthony Lane is an extremely respectful, polite and diligent worker. He brings a strong sense of focus and desire to succeed in all academic areas. Both students and teachers sense his welcoming personality and genuine care for others. He also completes his assignments with excellent quality and in a timely manner. He displays the 6 Pillars of Character daily. Congratulations Anthony.”

The eighth grade teams are Emerald, Jade and Pearl.

The Emerald team has selected Connor Ailara and Charlotte Roguff:

“Connor Ailara is a gifted student and a hard worker. He has a great sense of humor and works well with others.”

“Charlotte Roguff is always the first to offer help when someone's been absent and needs the notes or just needs help with the chromebook. She's an active participant in class discussions and has a cheerful demeanor.”

The Jade team has selected Matt Bouma-Hannam and Norah Monaghan:

“Matt Bouma-Hannam is one of the more low key kids on the Jade Team, so people may not notice just how hard and diligently he works. He is extremely proactive choosing to put forth tremendous effort no matter how challenging a task may seem. He recognizes that he is responsible for his own success and strives to excel. We are very lucky to have such a kind, respectful and conscientious student on the Jade Team. Congratulations to Matt Bouma-Hannam.”

“Norah Monaghan has the qualities of an exemplar student and citizen. Regardless of whether or not something is difficult, she always puts forth her best effort. Rather than get discouraged by challenges and giving up, she looks at these situations as opportunities to improve and grow. This young woman is a pleasure to teach, and the teachers on the Jade team admire her kindness, student skills, and ambition. Congratulations to Norah Monaghan.”

The Pearl team has selected Jake Ryan and Kayleigh Simpson:

“Jake Ryan is an outstanding student who has made a great impression on all of his teachers. He is extremely conscientious and hard-working. He is always smiling and can be counted on to work cooperatively with any group. His outgoing personality and respect for everyone is apparent in everything he does. The Pearl Team teachers are so glad that he is on our team and look forward to a great year watching him grow.”

“Kayleigh Simpson is a delightful addition to the Pearl Team. She is a pleasant, kind and diligent student who goes beyond the requirements of any assignment. She displays exemplary character and can be counted on to do the right thing even when no one is looking. She is a pleasure to have in class and in our larger community. Her teachers are so proud that she is one of our students.”