SPARTA, NJ - Sparta Middle School’s first marking period has ended and Principal Michael Gregory has announced the Students of the First  Marking for the 2017-2018 school year.  The teachers of the three academic teams in each grade level recognized two students for their notable actions and contributions to the Sparta Middle School community.

The sixth grade teams are Amber, Sapphire and Topaz.

The Amber team selected Benjamin Dykstra and Uma Kowalski.  

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"Benjamin Dykstra is a truly well-rounded  individual.  His dynamic personality adds a breath of fresh air to the classroom.  He is musically talented and brings his enthusiasm of music both to the school and the community.  Ben is an active member of the Builder's Club and also participated in the Tuba Christmas in New York City. Ben is a well-rounded individual that excels in school, music and hockey."

"Uma Kowalski is a multi-talented young lady  She is interested in and excels in many different areas.  She is strong academically and a leader in the classroom.  She is a conscientious and diligent student.  In regards to athletics, she achieved many victories for Sparta Middle School on the winter track team.  Musically, she plays the bass clarinet in the Sparta Middle School 6th grade band. Despite her busy schedule, Uma always makes time to lend a helping hand to her peers and teachers.  She is well-liked by all and an asset to the Amber Team.”

The Sapphire team selected Luke Gozdenovich and Payton Simpson. 

Luke Gozdenovich is a quiet, positive presence in the classroom.  He also works, hard askes questions and is willing to assist other when needed.  He is patient and will always wait his turn to speak in class or even in conversation with his peers.  He is dependable and helpful to both the teachers and his peer.  Luke is a model student and is a joy to have in class.”

Payton Simpson is a hard-working young lady who always gives her best effort.  She is a conscientious student who is proactive and will advocate for herself when she wants clarification on something.  She usually has a smile on her face and wants to do well in class and with her school work. She is a pleasure to have in class.”

The Topaz team selected Tahg Herbison and Julia Moone.

Tahg Herbison is a well-rounded young man who is always willing to lend a hand to his classmates.  Over the course of the year, he has repeatedly demonstrated leadership qualities and serves as a role model for his peers.  We are proud to have Tahg represent the Topaz Team because of the respect he shows himself and others.” 

Julia Moone has boundless curiosity and strives for deep understanding of the content.  She has a strong work ethic and regularly exercises good judgement.  She tops it off with a mature sense of humor that enhances the classroom environment.”

The seventh grade teams are Garnet, Ruby and Diamond.

The Garnet team selected Lainie Loewen and Jack Hill. 

Lainie Loewen is such a hard-working young lady, going above and beyond in order to understand information.  She is a conscientious student who pushes herself to do the best she can.  Lainie is friendly to everyone around her.  Our team is so proud to have her because she is always happy, she sees the glass as half full and she brings a smile every day to the Garnet wing.”

Jack Hill steps up to challenges and is a very responsible young man.  He is helpful to other students and respectful to everyone.  H works hard to get the most out of his education.  Jack is a quiet leader, leading by positive example. He is truly one of those students who, as we like to say, ‘gets it.’ We are proud to have him on the Garnet team.”

The Ruby team selected Jason Baldanza and Alexandra (Ally) Sweeney.

Jason Baldanza is an extremely respectful, police and hardworking student.  He puts forth his best effort in all his academics and elective classes.  Both students an teachers recognize his respectful and well-rounded personality.  In addition, he always completes his assignments with excellent quality an din a timely manner.  He without a doubt exemplifies the six pillars of character everywhere he goes.  Congratulations to Jason.”

Alexandra Sweeney is a caring thoughtful and well-rounded student.  She gets along with her peers and can work well in a variety of settings.  She consistently shows growth and strong grades in all academic subjects.  The Ruby team is lucky to have her and her teachers enjoy her infectious smile and warm character.  Her teachers are proud of the effort she demonstrated on a daily basis.  Congratulations to Ally.”

The Diamond team selected Jonathan Byrnes and Kylie O’Neil.

Jonathan Byrnes is unfailing conscientious in everything he does, bringing determination and perseverance.  He brings his A-game to all aspects of school. Taking each challenge with a steadfast determination that is reflected in his many successes.  Jonathan takes academic challenges in his stride as he conquers each task.  He is a Diamond team student that makes us all proud.”

Kylie O’Neil is a dedicated student.  She works hard, never gives up and takes pride in her learning.  She cares deeply about school and the many opportunities it presents.  Kylie is always willing to participate, ask questions and share her positivity with those around her.  She has a focus that is an inspiration to others and is much appreciated by the team.”

The eighth grade teams are Emerald, Jade and Pearl.

The Jade team selected Kavya Kamath and Jack Maraziti.    

Kavya Kamath has given a hundred percent from day one.  Many of her peers may assume that she does so well because everything is easy for her.  However, the reality is that regardless of how boring or difficult something may be she still focuses and works hard and THAT is why she is successful.  This young lady accepts that she is responsible for her own success and chooses to excel.  She is also clearly a person of character who always has a smile and a kind word for her teachers and classmates.  The teachers on the Jade team are proud to award Student of the Marking Period to Kavya Kamath.”

Jack Maraziti has some of the most important qualities of an exemplar student.  He is determined to succeed and is willing to put forth the effort, time and energy to do it.  He recognizes that being an elite student does not come without working hard.  He accepts that he is responsible for his own success and strives to excel.  Additionally, he is clearly a person of character and always treats his classmates and teachers with respect.  The teachers on the Jade team are proud to award Student of the Marking Period to Jack Maraziti.”

The Emerald team selected Matthew Byrnes and Laurel Ferguson. 

Matthew Byrnes is extremely eager to learn.  He actively participates in all of our classes, always asking questions to clarify things he is curious about.  He has a great sense of humor and works well with his classmates.”

Laurel Ferguson is a wonderful and helpful member of our classes.  She has the ability to work with anyone and everyone throughout class activities.  She rises to challenges and goes above and beyond anything we ask of her.  Laurel is so well-rounded, actively participating in many school and outside extracurricular activities.”

The Pearl team selected Jack Cisko and Georgia Paraskos.

Jack Cisko is a humble young man with a reliably positive attitude.  He is a leader who is flexible and can work with anyone.  He is a solid role model for others who is genuinely kind, serious about his schoolwork, yet fun-loving and inspiring.  Congratulations Jack.”

Georgia Paraskos is an engaging, diligent young woman with an appreciation for learning and an irrepressible spirit of indivi

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duality.  She is a model student who is kind and cooperative.  She approaches every challenge with an open, creative mind.  She is a pleasure in class every day.”