SPARTA, NJ – Sparta Middle School Principal Michael Gregory announced the Students of the Third Marking Period for the 2016-2017 school year.  The teachers of the three academic teams in each grade level recognized two students for their notable actions and contribution to the Sparta Middle School community. 

The sixth-grade teams are Amber, Sapphire and Topaz.

The Amber team nominated Samantha DiSanti and Kyle Monroe:

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“Samantha Di Santi is a conscientious, hardworking, responsible student. She is always willing to put in the extra effort in order to excel academically.  Every day she comes to school with a happy, positive outlook.  It is obvious to all her teachers that she loves learning.  Sam is polite, friendly and has a great sense of humor. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to her teachers and fellow students.  She is an asset to the Amber Team.”

“Kyle Monroe is a hard-working and friendly young man.  He is a conscientious student that is always super positive and greets everyone with a smile.  He approaches everything with a good attitude and is always prepared for class.  Kyle has a great sense of humor and his teachers enjoy having him in class.”

The Sapphire team nominated Leah Moore and Elijah Rippey:

“Leah Moore is a diligent student who works through each assignment or task in the classroom.  She is hardworking and a natural leader among her peers.  Leah responds positively to comments or suggestions made by peers or teachers and is a delightful young lady to have in our classes.”

“Elijah Rippey is a good role model and a positive influence in class.  His work ethic is admirable and he shows his love of learning in each of our classes.  He is perceptive and shows compassion and understanding of others.  He is a pleasure to have in our class.”

The Topaz team nominated Krista Dengler and James Phillips:

“Krista Dengler is a genuinely sweet and helpful student.  She has a strong work ethic and demonstrates responsibility in all aspects of school life.  She goes the extra mile to show others that she cares.”

“James Phillips is an outgoing, energetic student.  He is always eager to participate in class and a friend to all.  His positive attitude is contagious and enhances the mood of the class.”

The seventh-grade teams are Diamond, Garnet and Ruby.

The Diamond team nominated Brady Anderson and Shannon Huhn:

“Brady Anderson is one of the Diamond Team’s stalwart students.  He is not only dedicated to his studies, but has a genuine commitment to learning.  He goes beyond the usual assignments and delves beneath the surface for added depth to his knowledge.  Beyond the usual academics, Brady is also a stellar example of a kind and generous individual. He is open and accepting of others – always willing to lend a hand or help someone in need.  All of this is enhanced by his kindness and sense of humor.”

“Shannon Huhn is the type of student that has a sincere desire to learn about many and varied issues.  She is the type of student that has a sincere desire to learn about many and varied issues. She is a dedicated, enthusiastic student who makes every class she is in a better place to learn.  Her quiet determination to tackle even the most arduous assignments serves as a wonderful inspiration to those around her.  Shannon also has a strong sense of values and integrity and coupled with a positive outlook, she is a natural role model for others.”

The Garnet Team nominated Will Hannan and Georgia Paraskos:

“Will Hannan is also very respectful and genuine young man who takes pride in his work. He is honest and sincere in class as well as in the hallways and in the lunchroom.  Will is not afraid to ask questions of his teachers so he will better understand the material being covered.  He always strives to go above and beyond what has been asked of him.  Will’s personality and work ethic will serve him well in his educational endeavors and in his life beyond school.”

“Georgia Paraskos is our first choice for Student of the marking period.  She is a very kind, enthusiastic, and respectful young lady. Along with a terrific work ethic, Georgia also gets along with and is helpful to her peers.  She is engaged as a student as well as in extracurricular activities. For example, she did a fantastic job as one of the leads in the musical The Little Prince.  Georgia always the time to say, ‘Thank you,’ and ‘Have a nice day.’ We are proud to have her as a member of the Garnet Team.”

The Ruby team nominated Matthew Bouma-Hannam and Reese Zapata:

“Matthew Bouma-Hannam is not only a thoughtful, inquisitive, and hardworking student, but also a thoughtful and kind classmate. He works well with everyone and has a very positive influence on his peers.  Congratulations to Matt!”

“Reese Zapata is a hard-working, dedicated student with a smile or laugh to share every day. She maintains a positive attitude and perseveres to accomplish her assignments in a timely manner and with exceptional quality.  She clearly displays the 6 pillars of character every day and is a pleasure to have in class.  Congratulations Reese!”

The eighth-grade teams are Emerald, Jade and Pearl.

The Emerald team nominated Elizabethe Nedelka and Garrett Neuschatz:

“Elizabeth Nedelka is cheerful and kind.  Beth comes to class every day with a tremendously positive attitude.  She works so well with others and is always bringing her best effort and work ethic to everything that she does.”

“Garrett Neuschatz is wonderful when it comes to working with other students.  He displays patience and excellent student skills.  He is diligent in all that he does, while having a great sense of humor.”

The Jade team nominated Lukas Hein and Julia McEllen:

“Lukas Hein has some of the most important qualities of an exemplar student. He is determined to succeed and is willing to put forth the effort, time and energy to do it.  He recognizes that being an elite student doesn’t come without hard work.  He accepts that he is responsible for his own success and strives to excel. Additionally, he is clearly a person of character and always treats his classmates and teachers with respect.  The teachers on the Jade Team are proud to award Student of the Marking period to Lukas Hein.”

“Julia McEllen despite all the pressure and stress that comes with being a student, at the end of her eighth-grade year, this young lady seems to be happy every single day.  Since day one, she has been focused, conscientious, and hardworking and those efforts have not wavered.  While peer pressure can be intense in middle school, Julia never seems to compromise on what she knows is right in terms of her behavior as a student or a person.  We are very lucky to have such an exemplar student on the Jade Team.  Congratulations to Julia McEllen.”

The Pearl team nominated Jenna Blandina and Olivia Giralt:

“Jenna Blandina is not only an excellent student, but exhibits levels of character and respect fond in only a small percentage of the population.  She is a valued member of any group that she works with and gives incredible attention and respect to even the quietest of her peers.  Jenna is active in multiple clubs and organizations, both in school and out, yet manages to balance a very busy schedule while still maintain her academic responsibilities.  Jenna always has a smile on her face and can be counted on as a reliable participant in every situation.  We are so proud to call Jenna member of our team.”

“Olivia Giralt is one of the most considerate and trustworthy students her teachers have ever met.  She is motivated and responds to challenges in all of her classes.  She brings an excellent sense of humor to all of the activities she is participating in. Olivia is mature beyond her years. The effort and attention that she gives her schoolwork is something that is typically seen in a much older student.  She is a pleasure to work with and her teachers have enjoyed getting to see her grow this year.”