SPARTA, NJ – The Sparta Middle School Principal Michael Gregory announces the Students of the First Marking Period. The teachers of the three teams at each grade level recognized two students for their notable actions and contributions to the Sparta Middle School community.  The students were announced during lunch periods on Friday, to the cheers of their classmates.

The sixth grade teams are Amber, Topaz and Sapphire.

The Amber team recognizes Gabrielle Canzoniero and Matthew Bouma-Hannam.

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Gabrielle Canzoniero is intrinsically motivated to excel and readily accepts challenges.  She has a sense of humor that appropriately adds to the class atmosphere.  She is kind-hearted, reliable and thrives in a collaborative environment.  Gabby is an asset to the Amber Team.

Matthew Bouma-Hannam is a thoughtful and conscientious student.  It is evident that he loves learning and is willing to ask for clarification to benefit his own learning and the learning of his classmates.  During group activities, he ensures that everyone is on task and comprehends the material.  Matt exemplifies the qualities that make a good Sparta Middle School student.

The Topaz teams recognize Sarah Bargfrede and Ryan O’Neill.

Sarah Bargfrede is a conscientious student with a great sense of responsibility and willingness to help other.  She is a diligent student and is polite and respectful to everyone.  Sarah demonstrates many of the pillars of good character.

Ryan O’Neill is friendly and polite to everyone he meets and has a great sense of humor.  He demonstrates a high level of responsibility and works diligently to be the best he can be.  Ryan chooses to be an upstander in our school community rather than a bystander.

The Sapphire team recognizes Olivia Przydial and Nick Ventresca.

Olivia Przydial is enthusiastic about learning and goes above and beyond in all of her classes.  She always does her best and is excited about learning new things, question.  She is a team player and can work well with anyone.  She encourages other to do their best as well.  Olivia is respectful, trustworthy and is a pleasure to have in our class.

Nick Ventresca is an inquisitive young man who has a great love of learning.  He is helpful and caring with other students and takes responsibility for himself.  He is organized, dependable and very respectful.

The Seventh Grade teams are Garnet, Ruby and Diamond.

The Garnet team recognizes Will Englehardt and Mia Zincio.

Will Englehardt is a very diligent worker, friendly and out-going.  This young man asks pertinent questions, works hard and is always polite and well-mannered.  He often participates in class discussions and enjoys a lively debate.  Will is not afraid to speak his opinion while being respectful of others.  The Garnet teachers are proud to have him on our team and can see Will as a future lawyer or politician.

Mia Zincio is also a hard-working student, always trying to better herself educationally.  She is also personable and polite.  Mia is a leader in class, frequently offering to help fellow students.  She is enthusiastic and always willing to put forth effort.  She does not let mistakes define her.  Instead she uses them as motivation.  Her willingness to put herself out there goes a long way with her teachers on the Garnet team.

The Ruby team recognizes Peyton Nichols and Stephen Sander.

Peyton Nichols is a conscientious and hard-working student.  Although she is soft spoken, she exhibits strong leadership and interpersonal skills. Peyton demonstrates all of the qualities that make her the Ruby team’s Student of the Marking Period.

Stephen Sander has shown his fellow students what it means to be a Ruby.   With his strong work ethics, Stephen focuses on the task at hand, giving his best effort to all that he does.  The Ruby team is proud to name Stephen as our Student of the Marking Period.

The Diamond team recognizes Sophie Regeimbal and Luke Simmons.

Sophie Regeimbal should be proud of her accomplishments.  Her exceptional academic achievements are a result of her positive attitude and other characteristics that lead to success.  These include self-motivation self-responsibility and the ability as well as the willingness to ask questions whenever needed in class. Sophie also elevates the level of discussion of class topics which benefits all.   In addition, Sophie is extremely personable and considerate of others.  Sophie’s teachers consider her to be an asset in their classes.  Congratulations Sophie on this well-deserved award.

Luke Simmons is a conscientious, kind and hardworking student.  He is always ready to lend a helping hand, polite and a pleasure to have in class.  He is a model of the six pillars of character. 

The Eighth Grade teams are Jade, Emerald and Pearl.

The Jade team recognizes Andrew McDonough and Jessica Berghofer.

Andrew McDonald takes his role as a student very seriously.  He is always focused in class, views challenges as an opportunity to try harder rather than an opportunity to give up.  He actively seeks out ways to improve his performance in school.  He treats his teachers and classmates with respect and his integrity is apparent in the choices he makes.

Jessica Berghofer has made great strides this marking period in her classes.  It is clear that she wants to succeed and is willing to put forth the effort necessary to achieve that goal.  Her teachers are very impressed with the way she has responded to the challenges this year, her work ethic and the kindness and respect she shows to her peers. 

The Emerald team recognized Hayley Capeci and Nick Furgeson.

Haley Capeci is an asset to our team.  She is upbeat, friendly and extremely hardworking.  Haley participates actively in class, asks thoughtful questions and works well with others.  We are excited that she will be bringing her positive energy to the Student Council as the newly elected president. 

Nick Furgeson is a kind and outgoing student who always has a smile on his face, even when he is injured.  An active participant in class discussions, Nick always pushes himself to do his best.  He works well with others, stay on task and has a great sense of humor.  It is a pleasure to have Nick on the Emerald team.

The Pearl team recognizes Natalie Krudys and Ian Manske.

Natalie Krudys is one of the most kind and respectful students that the team has ever met.  She is studious and extremely hard working.  She can be grouped with any student and finds a way to work with them.  She demonstrates the value of the six pillars of character every day in school.

Ian Manske is a pleasure to have on our team.  In addition to excellent student skills, he is a kind and respectful member of any classroom he is in.  He works hard to complete his assignments and advocates for himself is he has questions.  He works cooperatively in every kind of student grouping and can be counted on as a positive role model.