SPARTA, NJ – Sparta Middle School Russian students left their mark on the wall of the school before leaving for the summer.  Suzanne Jouravlev’s students have a history of signing the blocks in the classroom, leaving messages of encouragement to future Russian students the teacher explained.

One student decided to go a bit farther and create a mural on the wall outside the classroom.  Rachel Young brought the idea to Jouravlev and they discussed some of the elements that should be included. “The next day she brought me the sketch,” Jouravlev said.  “It was incredible.  She’s very talented.”

 Young created the pencil sketch that included Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Matryoshka or nesting dolls and Cheburashka an iconic classic Russian cartoon character.

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With the help of Emma Cilli, Maddie DiMarco, Peyton Nichols, Caileigh Walsh, Sophie Regeimbal and Lindsay Pugliese, the drawing was projected onto the wall.  They then pencil sketched the drawing on the wall and painted in the lines.  The final step was adding color.

Jouravlev said Young has devoted significant hours to the project, “all on her own time.”  As of June 17 there were just a few hours of work left to finish the legacy that will greet Russian students for years to come.