SPARTA, NJ - Sparta Middle School Principal Michael Gregory has announced the Students of the fourth marking period for the 2017-2018 school year.  The teachers of the three academic teams in each grade level recognized two students for their notable actions and contributions to the Sparta Middle School community.

The sixth grade teams are Amber, Sapphire and Topaz.

The Amber team chose Rocco Gorvan and Alena Picnic.

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Rocco Gorvan is the Amber Team's student of the fourth marking period. He's well-rounded student that is a pleasure to have in class. His love of learning is evident as he is always an active participant in the classroom. Rocco is a kind and respectful young man that has musical talent as a drummer in the SMS 6th grade band. This multi-sport athlete is a positive influence on his peers and the Amber Team teachers are proud to have him on our team.

Alena Picinic is a well-rounded individual who excels both in and out of the classroom. She actively participates in her classes and puts effort into every assignment. Alena is always willing to help both peers and teachers in need. She is an active member on her cheerleading squad and is naturally cheerful at school as well. Alena is humble with her academic success which includes high honor roll for all three marking periods at SMS. Alena is truly deserving of this accolade.

The Sapphire team chose Scarlet Mattson and Connor White.

Scarlet Matteson is a focused and responsible young lady. She advocates for herself and has developed a true joy of learning. As a kind and respectful student, she is always willing to assist as well as listen to suggestions by others. It has been a real pleasure to have her as a student on the Sapphire Team.

Connor White has grown and developed throughout the year into an accomplished student. He is responsible young man, who maintains a quiet confidence. He sees the best in other students and is always willing to help, even without prompting. He makes connections to learning in all of his classes and truly enjoys learning new concepts. The Sapphire Team truly enjoyed having him as a student this year.

The Topaz team selected Shea Harrison and Surekha Selvaraj.

Shea Harrison is a true gentlemen, which is exhibited through his polite demeanor and his ability to collaborate in a supportive manner. He shows reflective through and understanding of class content. He is willing to take risks when participating in class and has displayed academic engagement throughout the year.

Surekha Selvaraj exemplifies a commitment to excellence. She is eloquent and witty and makes insightful contributions that propel class discussions beyond expectations. Her overall positive attitude serves as a shining example to her peers.

The seventh grade teams are Diamond, Ruby and Garnet.

The Diamond team selected Juliana Bachand Andrew Reza. 

Juliana Bach is a positive, hardworking student, and is an incredible source of pride for the Diamond Team. She has blossomed into a student who exemplifies what it means to be a true learner. There is no challenge she is unwilling to tackle. Juliana is a kind and thoughtful classmate who adds insight to every discussion. Unfailingly cheerful and open, Juliana never hesitates to take on tasks, and is helpful to others, always including and encouraging those around her.

Andrew Reza exudes a quiet strength that inspires confidence and calmness to those around him. He is unfailingly helpful and inclusive, frequently taking the initiative to help others. His sense of integrity and ethical approach to all he does and says is a clear component of his personality.

The Ruby Team chose Ryan Petit and Annika Tobey.

Ryan Petit is an extremely hard-working and eager individual who wants to get better and improve at every opportunity. His dedication to his education is commendable and noticed by his teachers. Many teachers remark how kind and sweet Ryan is and how much he enjoys learning new things. He always has a smile on his face and participates on a daily basis. The Ruby Team is thrilled to give Ryan this well-deserved recognition! Congratulations Ryan!

Annika Tobey is a wonderful person to have in class. She is always prepared, eager to learn, and polite to everyone. She demonstrates the 6 Pillars of Character constantly inside and outside of school The Ruby Team teachers are proud of all the hard work and effort she puts forth in her academics. As a team, we are also happy to see how well she treats others and the grace with which she conducts herself around her peers. Congratulations Annika.

The Garnet Team selected Stephen Matus and Elizabeth Flint.

Stephen Matus is a young man who has impressed us all year with his knowledge of technology, his friendly demeanor, and his leadership skills. We know someday we will hear about how successful Stephen has become. We are proud to have Stephen on our team and as our Student of the Fourth Marking Period.

Elizabeth Flint is a young lady with a bright smile and friendly disposition and are proud to have her as a member of the Garnets. She has good student skills, will ask questions in class, and self advocates. A very well-rounded girl, she balances her academic, social, musical and athletic endeavors effectively. We are happy to name Elizabeth Flint as our Student of the Fourth Marking Period.

The eighth-grade teams are Emerald, Jade and Pearl.

The Emerald team selected Chris Byrnes and Paige DeGiovanni. 

Chris Byrnes is a conscientious student who works well with his peers and puts his best effort into everything he does. He is kind and compassionate and a pleasure to have in our classes.

Paige DeGiovanni has a wonderful sense of humor and has the ability to always put a smile on her teachers' faces. She is very considerate and a truly helpful member of her classes. We can always count on Paige to try her absolute hardest on every task.

The Jade team selected Katie Groome and Nick Ventresca.

Katie Groome has the qualities of an exemplar student and citizen. Regardless of whether or not something is difficult, she always puts forth her best effort. Rather than get discouraged by challenges and giving up, she looks at these situations as opportunities to improve and grow. This young lady is one of the most conscientious students on the Jade Team, and the teachers admire her kindness, student skills, and ambition. Congratulations to Katie Groome.

Nick Ventresca has some of the most important qualities of an exemplar student. He is determined to succeed and is willing to put for the effort, time and energy to do it. He recognizes that being an elite student doesn't come without hard work. He accepts that he is responsible for his own success and strives to excel. Additionally he is clearly a person of character and always treats his classmates and teachers with respect. The teachers on the Jade Team are proud to award Student of the Marking Period to Nick Ventresca.

The Pearl team chose Shauna Ryan and Samantha Stankiewicz.

Shauna Ryan is the Pearl Team's student of the Fourth Marking Period. Shauna is one of our hardest working students this year. She uses her time wisely and always completes all of her work. She successfully balances academics and a busy extra curricular schedule. We think she is going to have an amazing high school career.

Samantha Stankiewicz is also the Pearl Team's Student of the Fourth Marking Period. Sam is an extremely industrious worker who can be counted on to get along with any other student. She is respectful and kind in all of our classes. She has really found her voice this year and can be counted on to contribute her opinion, or a different perspective, to class discussions. We can't wait to hear of her future success.

In addition to the teams the school selected a Student of Excellent Character.  That student is Tyler Liskowicz. Tyler Liskowicz is a hardworking, inquisitive student. He strives to do his best at all times. He initiates everything he does with a positive outlook. He has participated inall of the 8th grade activities this year with vim and vigor. He is friendly, kind, and caring to all; a true example of what an SMS student should strive to become.