I have made my comments on Sparta Mountain and its preservation in a pristine condition to the State Department of Environmental Protection!   As a young teenager, Sparta Mountain was located above our lake, in a sense, was  a hiking and rich resource when I was growing up. I spent time in aging Boy Scout Cabins, and walking in the entire vastness of that area with friends that are no longer living, but we were carefree!.

I lived then and now  in Lake Stockholm, which is one of the lakes that sends water down to the Newark Water System.  Some years back, Senator Robert E. Littell invited my wife and I to a dedication of the Edison Mining Company above Heaters Pond in the Sparta section of the Mountain area.  Amazingly in the  early 1900s,  there were many houses and a mining operation up that location. The monument is a little worn, but it is a dedication to the mining industry, and to the environment.

Many in their written testimony for the DEP  or before local town meetings have talked about plants and species that are vital to the ecology of Sparta Mountain, but it is certainly the water, as always that is the concern of the Highlands.  I do not understand the idea of logging in this pristine area- maybe you do!

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Water is the new oil, and, yes, there are special plants, and other matters, but the purity of Sparta Mountain is in the best interests of all, including an organization dedicated to birds.  Many can still comment on all matters with an end date of commentary on March 1st via the Department of Environmental Protection, as I did. Please do!

Bill Weightman, Hardyston,