SPARTA, NJ – Sparta High School Alumni, Dr. William Holdsworth, DC has returned home after pursuing a Doctorate in Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic West Campus in San Jose, CA.  Upon graduating, he opened Pain Relief Chiropractic in San Jose, CA, but the distance from his hometown and family called him back to Sparta.  

He moved back in October of 2016 and bought Andover Family Chiropractic Center in January of 2017.

It all started when Holdsworth received a call from his cousin Dr. Teresa Litchfield, “My wrist is killing me.  I was so busy the last two days that I have to take the rest of the week off.  If you are not interested in buying this practice, I don’t know what to do, I’ll probably have to close my doors.”

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A friend of Holdsworth’s was getting married in New Jersey the following month, so he decided to come back to Sparta to attend the wedding and shadow Litchfield.

During his visit, Holdsworth remembered why people live in Sparta.   After living in San Jose for the previous seven years he had gained a new perspective.

“I think Sussex County is New Jersey’s best kept secret,” Holdsworth said.  “It’s truly beautiful here and believe it or not, the people are more friendly here than they are in California.”

Holdsworth swiftly made a decision to move his practice from California to New Jersey and buy Andover Family Chiropractic Center.  He was now closer to his family and Litchfield was able to continue to practice chiropractic.

The transition was a smooth one for Dr. Terry and Dr. Wil as they are know to their patients.  Litchfield had always primarily focused on Relief Care – providing treatment to patients until their complaint had been relieved, and then sending them out the door only to return if something else came up.  

It was very easy for Holdsworth to integrate himself into the practice because this is how he was running his practice in San Jose.

“I don’t disagree with ‘wellness’ or ‘maintenance care,’, as it’s commonly referred to,” Holdsworth said. “I just recognize that people want pain relief so that’s what we do.  When a patient’s complaint is addressed and no longer bothering them, they are released from care at our office.”

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Pain Relief Chiropractic is its Walk-In Policy.  It’s frustrating when you try to make appointments to see doctors, dentists, or therapists and you’re told there are no available appointments for a few weeks.  Dr. Terry  always emphasized a Walk-In Policy and Dr. Wil continued this as well.  Anytime the office is open, patients are welcome, new or existing, to come in without an appointment.  

For those who like to schedule appointments rather than just walking in, Dr. Wil added online scheduling to the office and set up an answering service.  This way patients can call 24/7 any day of the year and get a live person to answer questions or schedule appointments.

Dr. Wil lowered the rates while also getting in network with all the health insurance plans of the patients.

“Healthcare in this country is a mess,” Holdsworth said. “People should have affordable access to healthcare.  They pay their premiums and they want to use their benefits.  It wouldn’t be right for us to remain out of network.”

As he treats patients, Dr. Wil is constantly showing stretches and tips that can help people feel better faster.  So he started making videos and putting them online for convenience and reference in the event a patient forgot how to do something he showed them.  These videos can be accessed whether or not you are a patient at Pain Relief Chiropractic by going to their YouTube Channel or their Facebook Page:



“I am so grateful to be back in Sparta and Sussex County to help people feel as best as they can as fast as possible.” Holdsworth said.