SPARTA, NJ – Sparta police had an interesting encounter when called to Scudders Road on December 27 around 1 a.m. Sparta dispatch received two calls; one reporting a man sleeping in his car on the side of the road and another that the man had thrown something out of the car window, according to police.

Cpl. Richard Smith went to the area, passing a burgundy Mercedes Benz with a temporary New Jersey registration on Scudder’s Road.  After the officer stopped the car, Smith learned the temporary registration really belonged to a Dodge Journey SUV before he went to talk with the driver, according to police.

The driver told Smith his name was David Forman and he was from New York.  According to police, before the officer could respond, Forman blurted out “I’m not doing nothing wrong.  I’m going to tell you what happened.  I’m gay.  My boyfriend called me here.  I don’t know if someone called you.”

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He then showed Smith his GPS and said he was only five minutes away from his destination.  When the officer asked the driver about the temporary registration, Forman said his dad had bought him the car and he did not know about the registration, according to police.

Smith asked Forman if the New York driver’s license was good and police say he responded “of course.”

Police Officer Herd, Det. Sgt. Hannam and Det. Hassloch arrived to assist.  Herd told Smith that he smelled marijuana coming from the car.  Forman said it was cigar smell, not marijuana.  When getting out of the car, Forman put a towel on the ground, police report.

Herd checked the towel and found a glass pipe and a partially smoked marijuana cigarette in the towel. When the car was searched the officers found a number of illegal devices and drugs, according to police.

They found a brown glass jar containing a liquid that has yet to be identified by New Jersey State Police.  The officers also found:

  • glass jar of marijuana,
  • credit card reader/writer/encoder,
  • three bank checks endorsed to different people,
  • black headphone case containing several white jeweler envelopes containing crystal methamphetamine,
  • zip lock baggie containing the same white crystals,
  • a scale,
  • numerous small zip locks,
  • three credit cards bearing different names.

The officers got the locked glove box open and found a black plastic air soft gun with the safety orange tip removed made to resemble a Beretta handgun, a locked bank bag containing narcotics and $1,330, police report.

Forman told the officers the white crystals were bath salts from the Red Sea in Israel and that it was a spiritual thing because his boyfriend was Jewish.  Forman was taken into custody and brought to Sparta Police Department headquarters.

When he was fingerprinted, the driver was finally correctly identified as Derrick Dorner a 33-year-old Brooklyn, New York resident.  Dorner had an active $300 warrant out of Franklin Boro for shoplifting in 2016 and a warrant from New York State Corrections.  Police say Dorner had an extensive multi-state criminal history.

Dorner was charged with unregistered vehicle, uninsured vehicle, failure to produce documents, possession of controlled dangerous substance in a motor vehicle, fictitious plates, unlicensed driver, failure to wear seatbelt, failure to inspect, possession of under 50 grams of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of prescription legend drugs, possession of methamphetamine, possession of imitation firearm, intent to distribute controlled dangerous substance, providing false information, purposely hindering his own apprehension, knowingly obtaining a credit card in another’s name, possession of a scanning device.

Dorner was advised of a mandatory court date and sent to Keogh Dwyer Correctional Facility on multiple warrants.