SPARTA, NJ – A Pennsylvania man faces charges of Driving While Intoxicated after being reported to the Sparta Police by another driver.  On November 6, the Sparta police received a cell phone call about a 2001 Honda being driven erratically, “continually crossing the double yellow lines and stopped in the middle of the road for no reason,” according to police.

Sparta Police Sgt Joseph Pensado went to Sparta Ave and at 10:19 a.m. found Terry Herring, stopping him northbound at Sparta Junction.  When Pensado spoke with the 54-year-old Alburits, PA driver the officer suspected Herring was driving under the influence of alcohol police report.

The investigation was turned over to Cpl Rick Smith who administered field sobriety tests and placed Herring under arrest.  Smith transported Herring to the Sparta Police Department headquarters where he was processed and breath tested police report. 

Herring was charged with driving while intoxicated, DWI in a school zone, open alcohol container and careless driving.  He was released several hours later to a sober adult pending a court date.