SPARTA, NJ – In anticipation of a larger crowd than usual, the Sparta Police Department, after consulting with administrators of both schools have developed parking and security measures.

The Pope John XXIII Regional High School-Sparta High School football games have become one of the most anticipated sporting events for this region for more than 35 years. Thousands of high school football fans attend this game annually.

The game is scheduled for a 2 p.m. kickoff at Pope John on Sunday, Oct. 4. Ticket sales and parking lots will open at 11:30 a.m.

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Game attendees are encouraged to read further regarding, security, parking, tailgate party policies and developed by Sparta police and both schools administrators, as well as the North Jersey Athletic Conference’s Code of Conduct;

Prior to the Game: Commencing Friday, Oct. 2 and continuing through Sunday evening after the conclusion of the game, Sparta Police will assign officer(s) around the clock in vehicles marked and unmarked along with foot patrols to ensure no pre game pranks or criminal mischief is sustained at either school building or surrounding grounds and playing fields.

Game Day Parking:  Kickoff is scheduled for 2 p.m.  The parking lot will open at Pope John at 11:30 a.m., along with the sale of tickets.  The lot will be closed when parking has reached its capacity.  Tickets will be sold up until the end of the third quarter.

Parking will be allowed on all side streets and along the northbound shoulder of Andover Road not to exceed past Pope John’s south parking lot exit. The southbound shoulder will be posted no parking.  Any vehicles that park on the south shoulder or block anyone’s driveway, or fire hydrant will be immediately ticketed and towed.  Sparta Police Officers will be assigned to Andover Road to ensure the parking rules are complied with.

Handicap Parking:  Handicap Parking will be posted and allowed along the northbound shoulder of Andover Road from the school’s south exit, north past the front of the school to the Andover Road entrance to the Rev. George A. Brown School.  Pope John is providing two golf carts to serve as shuttles for these individuals that require assistance.

Tailgate Parties: Tailgate Parties are permitted.  What is not permitted is the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages on school property in violation of NJS 2C:33-16. No one is permitted to possess or consume alcoholic beverages in the parking lots of Pope John High School or the Rev. Brown School. In accordance with State Statutes and Local Ordinances there will be a zero tolerance approach to any violations. Sparta Police Officers will be assigned exclusively to these parking lots for this reason. Those found in violation will be treated accordingly and directed to leave the property immediately.

Conclusion: The respective administrations from Pope John, Sparta High School and the Sparta Police Department are committed to providing a safe environment in which fans can enjoy this special football game.  We ask the cooperation of all those attending to obey all parking and traffic regulations, read and understand the attached copy of the North Jersey Athletic Conference Rules for Sportsmanship and Do not bring any alcoholic beverages on school property.



There is a Spectator Code of Conduct for spectators attending NJAC athletic contests.

1.)Game behavior of coaches should include respect for opposing schools and coaches. Coaches should take measures to prevent running up scores or embarrassing opponents.

2.)The control of games conditions, including spectator control, general order, following recommendations of the NJSIAA and the NJAC, is the responsibility of the home school.

3.)It is incumbent upon that school to provide adequate safeguards and protection.  Home school will identify NJAC crowd control personnel, ticket sellers and takers.  The visiting school shall give total cooperation.

4.)Promote sportsmanship by exercising self-discipline; root for your team in a positive, enthusiastic manner.  Unsportsmanlike conduct is not permitted.

5.)No cheering when opposing cheerleader are on the floor.

6.)No derogatory comments or cheers at players or officials.

7.)No negative banners mentioning opposing school or its team members shall be allowed at home or away games.

8.)The use of noisemakers during indoor contests or not permitted.

9.)Outdoor: No device may be used to impede or interrupt the officiating, coaching, or play of the game. Note: Whistles are outlawed.

10.)School Pep Band with adviser present is permitted at indoor events.

11.)Shirts should be worn indoors by spectators for all contests.

12.)All spectators are required to remain in their designated areas determined by the home team.

13.)Any person(s) violating these regulations will be escorted for the school premises.


       RECOGNIZE – That it is a privilege to attend athletic contests.

       CHEER – Positively for your team.

       VERBAL – Harassment will not be tolerated.

       RESPECT – The integrity and decisions of officials.

       SUPPORT – Our efforts to make sportsmanship a high priority.

Inappropriate behavior may result in the loss of attendance privileges for one or more games.