SPARTA, NJ – It is not as easy as it would seem to add seven days back into the school calendar.  For the past several years the school calendar has included eight emergency closing days.  The students are required to be in school for 180 days. 

With nearly all of this winter’s snow fall coming in one week-end storm, the district only had cause to use one of the emergency closing days.

The adjusted calendar was presented to the board of education members at the March meeting as is typically done each year.  Subsequent to that approval, the district was informed of a county wide field trip opportunity for the Sparta Middle School students, according to district officials.  Sparta schools were supposed to be closed on May 17 the day of the field trip, so another adjustment may have to be made, unless there is another snow day or other emergancy closing.

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The new closing dates are May 16 and 17, June 3, 17, 22, 23, 24.

One additional part of the scheduling puzzle is the high school graduation.  Project Graduation ihas become an important part graduation for the seniors.  It has been instrumental in reducing alcohol related incidents on that day.  The event has to be booked months in advance so graduation day cannot be moved.

Sparta Middle School graduation date will remain June 23 and the high school graduation will remain June 24.