WEST POINT, NY - Sparta Boy Scout Troop 150 headed to the West Point Scoutmaster Camporee in May. The Cadet Scoutmasters' Council hosts this annual event at Lake Frederick for approximately 6,000 scouts from more than 200 different Boy and Girl Scout troops.

The first morning at West Point started with early morning physical training, a good breakfast prepared by the individual patrols, then off to watch the cadets' opening ceremonies.  Helicopters flew over the open field as the Black Knight parachute team jumped out with the American flag and smoke trailing behind them. 

Scouts then proceeded to stations to be tested on different skills.  One of the stations was the ranger challenge, where a team of four carry a person on a stretcher, move on to crawling under rope lines and haul heavy water jugs to the climbing wall.  The challenge was complete with the scouts made it over the wall.

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Not all stations were physical; one tested the scouts memory.  The mental challenge required scouts to remember items they had been shown for a few  seconds before being covered with a tarp.

"This particular skill was a lot harder than it sounds," said one of the Troop 150 participants.

The day ended with patrols cooking their dinner and then "a favorite activity, a giant bonfire." This giant bonfire included DJ music for a scouts dance.


The last morning at West Point ended with an awards ceremony for troops displaying the best performances in the skills stations followed by closing ceremonies.


When asked what he thought of the camporee, first class scout Ezra Cook said,

“West Point was a great experience for anyone who enjoys adventure and having fun.”

Sparta Troop 150 meets at 7 p.m. on Mondays at the Sparta United Methodist Church.  For more information visit spartatroop150.org or on facebook at Sparta Troop 150-BSA.

This article was written by Kaden Kambak, a first class scout and Troop 150 Journalist