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Sparta Woman Brings Healing Through Hypnosis

Ann Dwornikoski brings Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique to help people improve their health.

SPARTA, NJ - It is not uncommon to know someone who has sought healing from alternative methods.  People attend yoga classes of all types.  Acupuncture and Reiki healers are also popular ways to achieve and maintain health.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique or QHHT is also becoming a familiar type of healing therapies.  The technique developed by Dolores Cannon over the course of 40 plus years, builds on traditional hypnosis as a means to help deal with health issues such as smoking cessation and need for weight loss, but takes it another step forward into the transformational healing power of past life memories and the connection between the two.

Ann Dwornikoski, a TAP into Sparta sponsor, is certified in QHHT now practicing in Sparta.

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QHHT is a deep form of relaxation that brings the client to the theta level “which is just before we fall asleep,” said Dwornikoski. “This process pushes the ego, the conscious mind to the side, allowing the QHHT practitioner to facilitate the client’s contact with the higher self,  the divine self that knows everything about you.”

Dwornikoski explains she assists clients to find answers to familiar questions such as ‘what is my true life purpose?’ ‘Why am I here?’  She also helps clients understand issues that they are subconsciously holding onto such as  anger, resentment that, in turn cause dis-ease and physical symptoms.

“That is why my tagline is, ‘It's not what you’re eating, it's what’s eating you’” said Dwornikoski.

The avenue of healing and self reflection is new territory for many. After a 30 year career as a critical care nurse Dwornikoski encountered “many events that were beyond the physical realm.”  She has studied the techniques of Dr Brian Weiss and Dolores Cannon.

Dwornikoski explained a typical QHHT session consists of the pre-talk where she and the client discuss whatever the client feels they need to work on, including any physical issues. This portion could be an hour or longer depending on the client.

Next, the client lays down to begin relaxation with a guided meditation, followed by instruction to go even deeper.  This can take 30 to 40 minutes according to Dwornikoski.

The only tool the client needs, said Dwornikoski, is “visualization, like day dreaming. We will be conversing throughout the session. Some clients remember everything once they are fully awake and some do not.”

Dwornikoski makes a digital recording of the entire session for the client to keep “as it is essential  to reinforce  the information  received.”

“Information is received from the higher self, subconscious, in the form of streaming images like going to the movies,” she explains. “The client verbalizes what they are seeing and I facilitate and  navigate with the client.

“Your higher self knows exactly why you are having the session,” said Dwornikoski, “and has even propelled you to find me. The images that are provided are exactly what you need at this point and time to move forward in life for your greater and highest good.”

“For the advanced client this can be called past life regression. Even if one’s belief system differs, the process is the same.”

The hypnosis part of the session when the client is receiving the images can last one  to two hours. “When I’ve talked with them about how long they thought they were ‘under’ most respond ‘it felt like only 15 or 20 minutes,’” said Dwornikoski.

After receiving the images Dwornikoski then works with the client to connect directly to the higher self to have the images clarified, asking questions such as “why were these images shared?”

“It is absolutely fascinating every time because it all makes perfect sense,” said Dwornikoski. “The client will be talking about themselves as ‘she’ or ‘he.’ One client put it into words beautifully. “It’s like knowing the words to an old song and the words flow right out.’

“Again, for the advanced client this is a form of channeling.”

For Quantum Healing Hypnosis result to be realized this process can last as little as three hours; usually, one session of  three to four hours is sufficient.

Dwornikoski’s  passion for this modality of healing is evident.  She has gone through training to earn Level 1 certification to allow her to share this practice.  She attended the Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy in Huntsville Arkansas in 2015.  She is an active member of the QHHT practitioners forum for continuing professional development.  Dwornikoski plans to pursue Level 2 certification in 2017. 

Having been a critical care nurse for more than three decades, healing is simply part of who she is. Dwornikoski is excited to bring this healing to to people in her community.

“I believe there is courage in numbers when trying something new,” said Dwornikoski.  She is offering small group sessions as a comfortable introduction to this healing process. For only  $25 each the participants “will get to experience a piece of this amazing technique and receive a full length session at no additional cost.”  

Anyone seeking additional information or “who would like to just sit and chat,” can email Dwornikoski. “I look forward to assisting those that are ready to become a new and improved you.”

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