SPARTA, NJ – The students and staff at Alpine Elementary School were dressed for a day of fun on Friday, February 16 as they marked the 100th day of school. The whole school was involved.

Tyler, a student in Kelly Deter’s first grade class said, “It’s cool because the days went by so fast.”

Principal Joe Leone said there were activities done by the whole school; writing something 100 related in journals, recognition of students with 100 days of perfect attendance and a boogie break where a every 100 minutes a song would be played for 100 seconds beginning at 9:10. 

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The pre-kindergarten student moved 100 steps and did 10 stamps 10 times, Leone said. 

According to Leone, the kindergarten children counted by 10’s to 100, drew something they wished to have 100 of, found out where they would be after 100 steps and read “Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100 Day of Kindergarten.”

“MY favorite thing we did in the first 100 days was when we went to Janet’s Planet on a field trip,” first grade student Alex said.

In the first grade wing, evidence of the 100 day was prominent.  Some chose to dress as their 100-year-old self.  The doorways were decorated with banners and the classrooms had 100th day centers.  Students could create necklaces with 100 beads, do 100 piece puzzles, play games requiring 100 rolls of the dice, guessing which jar had 100 items even 100 Pokeman cards to look over. They had packets to do 100 day activities. First grade children brought in a collection of 100 things and decorated hearts to share 100 things they love about first grade.

Second grade classes did math and reading activities related to 100.  They read “The 100th Day of School” and “One Hundred Hungry Ants.”

In the library, students each created a page for a book “If I had 100…”  In Art they contributed to a 100th Day sign.  In physical education they too 100 activities or exercises, depending on the age.  The kindergarten students bounced basketballs 100 times. 

The entire school was invited to participate in the guidance activity “100 ways to say, ‘Thank you’.”  They could also join in the Connect for Community volunteers to show students what 100 cents could buy.  Each grade level had suggested items to purchase to be donated to local food pantries. 

The pre-kindergarten children donated deodorant, kindergarten donated toothbrushes, first grade donated tooth paste and second grade bar soap. 

Layla in Amanda Cronin’s first grade class said making the bead necklaces was the best part of the 100th day.

“The best thing ever is we get to have fun,” Arianna, Cronin’s student said.  “I wish we never had to leave here.”