NEWTON, NJ—The Board of Trustees of Sussex County Community College has approved the recommendation of Dr. Paul Mazur, College President, to award tenure to four assistant professors; Mary Ellen Donner, Assistant Professor of Business and Economics, Michael Hughes, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, Deborah Lanza, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Jean LeBlanc, Assistant Professor of English.

Mary Ellen Donner is an Assistant Professor of Business and Economics who teaches primarily in these two disciplines and is also versed in teaching a number of different levels of math.  Professor Donner is known for bridging theory and practice and bringing real world business methods into the classroom, drawing on her experience as a certified financial planner.  She is someone who has been engaged in reflecting on teaching effectiveness through the use of course assessment techniques and is the assessment liaison for her department.  Beyond her academic credentials, Professor Donner demonstrates a deep personal commitment and concern for the well-being of her SCCC students outside the classroom.
Michael Hughes is an Assistant Professor of Fine Arts. He received his Associate Degree from SCCC where he earned a Presidential Scholarship. Professor Hughes teaches in a variety of mediums, including analysis of film, art appreciation and various studio art courses.  He came to pursue a career in art and education later in life.  Professor Hughes is a gifted artist in his own right and has demonstrated that he is passionate about learning—both for himself and his students.  He also possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of film, which he is eager to share with his students and faculty alike.
Deborah Lanza is Assistant Professor of Psychology who uses new technologies and applies innovative teaching strategies in an effort to improve student success at SCCC.  When she first came to the College, Professor Lanza used her knowledge and skills to reengineer the student success program and ended up reinventing the college’s Foundations for Success program altogether.  She has organized several special events on campus to help students feel more connected to the College.  Professor Lanza has also demonstrated her leadership capability as a Program Coordinator and is currently the Chair of the Academic Standards Governance Committee.

Jean LeBlanc is an Assistant Professor of English, who teaches a variety of English courses, including developmental courses in writing.  Dedicated to student success, Professor LeBlanc is a prolific writer and an inspired instructor who helps students along their paths toward educational advancement.  She is committed to professional improvement through continuous assessment of learning outcomes.  Professor LeBlanc has also demonstrated her leadership ability as a former Director of the Betty June Silconas Poetry Center.
In making the announcements Dr. Mazur noted, “In recommending these four faculty members for tenure, I believe they have demonstrated the highest commitment to their academic profession and to their students. I’m confident they will continue to make solid contributions to SCCC and the community we serve.”