In answer to statements made by Sussex County Democrat Chairwoman Leslie Huhn, we would like to provide the following statement from the Executive Director of the same organization:

"As an individual and a Sussex County resident, I am deeply offended that a private conversation amongst myself, Jennifer Hamilton, and Parker Space was secretly recorded and leaked to the media for cheap political gain.  As an American, I denounce its secret leakage and use by the media and political campaigns because it is undermining everyone’s privacy rights.

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“With underhanded tactics like this, it is no wonder why Democrats and Republicans have a more difficult time working together for the common good.

“Parker Space is my friend.  I may not agree with him on issues, but that does not lead me to hate him.  Unfortunately some people can’t see the difference between disagreement and hate and it is denigrating our political discourse."

(Statement of  Jacqueline Stapel, the Executive Director of the Sussex County Democratic Committee)

Thank you,

Campaign of Parker Space for Assembly