SPARTA, NJ – On Tuesday night TAP into Sparta and TAP into Newton subscribers received false breaking news stories.   The stories were different in each town but both related to elections.  Both stories were originally published in 2012 as a regular news story.

The false stories were published on the night of the primaries when readers would have been looking for election news around the time they went out.

The matter was investigated by technology consultants and found to be “the result of foul play.”

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This is the second time this has happened to TAP into Sparta in approximately nine months.  None of the other TAP towns were affected. is taking steps to safeguard against future such attacks.  As TAP continues to grow the website platform continues to be improved along with the servers that support the site.  In addition, the database for TAP is in the process of being upgraded.

TAP into Sparta and TAP into Newton continue to provide unique local content, serving these communities and regret any confusion caused by this unfortunate malicious incident.