Responding to the needs of individuals, family members and friends in Sussex County, a private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization was incorporated in 1974 to assist community members access treatment and recovery from alcohol use disorder. Over the years, the agency expanded and adapted to become the Center for Prevention and Counseling, whose mission is to promote health, hope and recovery among all people by fostering a community in which individuals and families thrive.

Recognizing this positive impact and supporting the mission, two concerned Sussex County residents approached The Center to see what the needs in the community were. After finding out that over 30 people were on a waiting list for the Adult Intensive Outpatient Program, they simply asked how they could help. The answer to their question was that funding was needed to hire additional counselors to expand this much needed addiction treatment program.

The Center is pleased to announce that, with a generous contribution to the agency from these concerned community members, Intensive Outpatient counseling services have now expanded to include a daytime program, serving twice as many community members as before. 

The desire of the donors is for fellow Sussex County residents to experience the joy and health of their loved ones now able to access this specialized treatment when they most need it, creating a healthier community for all. The Center is grateful to these caring community members for making this program available in Sussex County. Your tax-deductible donation can change the life of one person, one family at a time and can be made online at For more information or to be screened for clinical services at The Center, those in need of counseling treatment services can call the Center for Prevention and Counseling at 973-383-4787.