To the Editor: Earth Day

I went to the first Earth Day at a college in Jersey City. Earth Day had been proposed by Senator Gaylord Nelson, a Democrat from Wisconsin, and Pete McCloskey, a Republican Conservationist, for April 1970 after an oil spill in Santa Barbara, California.  We would have many more  of those in coming years.

At the first Earth Day, we students probably had a Boone's Farm Wine, and our copies of Paul Ehrlich's book on population  problems!  That first Earth Day, we listened to Elephant's Memory, a John Lennon band, and there were teach ins.  From those days the issues got even more darker with famine and starvation in Africa, rising seas just about everywhere,  with dirty air car emissions, and King Coal, but we seemed to be making progress.

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Earth Day is now celebrated in 192 countries, but the issues of this Administration dwarf all previous Earth Days, and now we see, a decimated EPA (31% cut), and just serious blunders of greed with Coal and Oil back on the horizon, and our mantle of world leadership slip away along with our part in the Paris accord.   

Bill Weightman, Hardyston