The above title is actually borrowed from an August 12, 2012 Wall Street Journal opinion piece.  We know from US studies that are now declassified that terrorists with simple ballistic missiles or even a dirty bomb can launch off our shores –say in a freighter- such missiles in a relatively low-earth orbit against us and bring us back to the stone-age for weeks, months or years! This is not hyperbole on my part!  It is reality especially if you count our nation-state adversaries!

You do not believe me then view the Subcommittee Report on Terrorism, Technology, and Homeland Security released on March 8, 2008-no outdated! Senator Kyl, a leading Republican, noted the following in the summary: “The subject, as I said, is the electromagnetic pulse and its potential as a tool of terrorism.”  He followed: “That an EMP attack could potentially shock, damage, or even destroy our electrical systems is indeed possible.”  The CIA indicated that nuclear material had been stolen by possible terrorists in the later stages of the Soviet Union!

An EMP attack would not kill millions, but it would destroy our water systems, our electrical grid, end much of our transportation, with a fried components.  Currently, the American Society of Engineers rates much of our infrastructure nationally, as a grade of “D”! 

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A former CIA Director under Clinton noted, that Sun major sun flares could also produce a storm and destruction that would impact 20 to 40 million Americans for two years, as the rare geomagnetic storms have that potential with the sun’s maturity, but the real fear is rogue nations, and terrorists without borders.  This is a real issue, and should be discussed!

Bill Weightman, Hardyston