After growing Midwifery services and pioneering Waterbirth in New Jersey for over a decade, The Hackettstown Midwives announced its new name today - The Midwives of New Jersey. While their name has changed, the Midwives of New Jersey’s services and commitment to serving families and providing the highest quality care remain unchanged. 

 “Our new name signifies not only our growth, but more importantly our commitment to expectant families throughout the state of New Jersey.  It is our desire that every woman be given the very best care and resources so that she is equipped to be the best possible mother to her baby,” says Lisa Lederer, CNM, IBLCE and President of The Midwives of New Jersey. “Our goal at the Midwives of New Jersey is to create stronger families by helping women see the value in being a woman and a mother. A child’s birth is something a family will remember for the rest of their lives – we know we’re doing a good job here because our clients love giving birth.”

Midwifery in New Jersey and across the country is becoming increasingly more popular as many women today are seeking a natural birth experience without unnecessary interventions. For women desiring a holistic approach to the natural process of birth with access to medical technology only when necessary, midwives are the best option.

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Among the amenities and services offered at the Midwives of New Jersey’s offices:  beautifully decorated waiting room and offices, blood work drawn in the office, complimentary consultations, all prenatal care, Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC), Waterbirth, labor and birth at Morristown Memorial Hospital, Homebirth, breastfeeding support, lactation counseling, childbirth classes, baby care classes, postpartum care, large birthing tubs available for water labor & birth, routine gynecological care & annual visits, Breast Thermography, Chiropractic, prenatal and postpartum exercise classes, Mother Care classes, Monthly Mother’s Group and coming soon Infant Care (first 6 weeks postpartum), and prenatal massage. 

About the Midwives of New Jersey

The Midwives of New Jersey are the premier provider of prenatal care in the state and the area’s leading expert in Waterbirth with offices in Hackettstown and Madison NJ.  They provide personalized care from conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond.  The Midwives of New Jersey attend hospital births at Morristown Memorial Hospital and also offer the option of Homebirth.  To learn more visit


Midwives of New Jersey