I have heard and read people state, without any reason, that the President caused this recent nightmare- the shutdown-, which is indeed patently false.  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is now law, and despite computer glitches; people are entering the system with the intent to achieve a credible and low cost priced policy.  That is happening now!  We are wasting too much time on a ridiculous effort to defund this piece of legislation in Washington and in the New Jersey Legislature.

The State of New Jersey expects that some 900,000 people to apply. One point on the ACA to know is, that the Governor has cancelled his appeal on the issue of Marriage Equality, and with the State Supreme Court, supporting the Act, marriages are now occurring state-wide.. Republicans –everywhere- need to focus on rebuilding America and the American Dream

This shutdown- let it be known, was even knocked by great Republican Senators, such as, McCain and Graham. The costs of this expensive episode are tied to radical Republicans in the House.  There are elements of demagoguery coming from the House and the public on the shutdown with lies and distortions of the Act, and the President.

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Let’s get to the cost of this shutdown.  Standard and Poor’s, the financial rating agency,  reported that at least $24 billion was taken out of the United States economy, and they believe the fourth quarter will show a cut of at least 0.6 percent.  Expected GDP Growth will be about 2 percent, which is anemic.  Part of the cut comes directly from workers that lost salary for this period.

This was not the work of the President-no way!  This was a self-inflicted wound on our financial system by a group Republicans that are out of control.  These individuals even considered dumping their Speaker!  That was an absurd move by a flash mob group of Republicans

Look, Chris, in Stillwater, you need to read and view other media.  We can no longer afford the way this government is not running.  Be part of the solution, and read before you write something that makes absolutely –no sense! Get away from Fox, and the Liberal media, and read different perspectives.  It is the Republican Party that has low ratings, and not the President, who will have no more elections!