SPARTA, NJ – If you did not come out in rain on Memorial Day, you missed the first Ski Hawks show.  The team, made up of skiers of all ages, put on a show of skill and strength on two skis, one ski, off a ramp and up onto the beach.  The show culminated in a double three high pyramids, successfully executed on their first try according to Ski Hawk Donna Jenkins.

If you would like to get a taste of what they do, the team practices on Lake Mohawk, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 p.m. until dusk and on Sunday from 9 a.m. until noon.

The next opportunity to catch a show will be on July 4 and then again on Labor Day.  They will have shows weekly after July 4 but the all of the locations have been announced.  On July 16 the Ski Hawks will be performing on White Meadow Lake. 

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The team will travel to Northampton, Massachusetts on July 29 and 30.

The skiers braving the cold rainy weather that day were:

  • Chris, Evie and Lincoln Andres
  • Jack and Mary Kate Armstrong,
  • Tom, Liam, Stuart Askin
  • Bill, Courtney and Brooke Askin,
  • David and Matt Boffa,
  • Megan and Melissa Chiesa-Rupani,
  • Alyssa Devaney,
  • Delaney Forziati,
  • John, Olivia, Claire and Kaylie Gallagher,
  • John and Kevin Garrity,
  • Mike, Carter and Grace Higgins,
  • Todd Hubley,
  • Damon Jenkins,
  • Jack and Riley Maldonado,
  • Catherine Marussich,
  • Bryan Millikin,
  • Michael Mysh,
  • Bob, Lauren and Mike O’Connor,
  • John, Kendra, Patrick and Courtney Payne,
  • Tony and Lindsay Pugliese,
  • Anna Rodriguez,
  • Paul Schwesinger,
  • Julia Smith,
  • Karly Swenson,
  • Erin Takach,
  • Mike and Jessica Whittam,
  • Greg and Marigrace Yuskatitis

The Ski Hawks have a whole team working behind the scenes as well.  One driver Damon Jenkins also skis and is the Show Director.  Michael Whittam Sr is a second driver with Tara Rodrigues and Patty Payne in the boats as spotters.

The pickup boat driver is John Lindfors, paired with spotter Robin Gallagher.

Working on the dock is the trio of Rita O’Connor, Eric Takach and Margit Siadik.  Mike O’Connor, Lisa-Marie Pugliese and Lindsay Pugliese are the Rope Coordinators. 

Orlando Rodrigues was on the beach with the microphone announcing the events.  Mark Marussich provided the musical to accompany the show. Jennifer Jenkins, Sharlene Andres and Natalie Chiesa-Rupani are the team’s costumers. 

The Ski Hawks are a family comprised of families.  Several team members have family members in the water and boats, on the docks or the beach.  They invite the community to join them on Lake Mohawk.