SPARTA, NJ - The infamous therapeutic dog of Sparta High School, Franc, had won the hearts of every high school, promoting the idea of therapeutic pets in a school setting. Students like Cassidy Walsh, a junior, stated "I. Love. It. I. Love. Dogs.” when asked about her thoughts on the idea. 

She was agreeing with another junior, Christine Tran who gleamed, "I love it because I just want to hug him all day. He's like a little baby except dog version."

With such a positive outcome, it had come to the minds of many such as Doug Cilli of Stroudsburg High School who exclaimed "Throughout the day I often find myself wishing I had a therapeutic dog in my school so I could deal with the stresses and problems of school and adolescent life".

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The benefits have proven to outweigh the cons. "Franc can help kids that seriously need help and can make them more comfortable", Cassidy Walsh pointed out. The program is run by Kacey Dalton.  Franc is her dog going home with her at the end of the day.

Walsh said, "He helps kids just get through the day with a little something to look forward to.”

Who wouldn't want a couple snuggles from Frack the Bulldog to get them through the rough routines of school? The students have grown so fond, in fact, an Instagram account was crashed for everyone to fall in love all over again outside of school. @francthefrenchie