NEWTON, NJ—The Owner of Thor Labs, Alex Cable, who also owns the lot behind Cono’s Auto Body Shop, has decided to clean up the “eye-sore”.

The lot that once had two houses on it, has now become a vacant and ugly piece of property for the town of Newton to look at.

Cable plans to remove the pavement that is currently on the lot, aside from the parking lot next to John’s Barber Shop, which will be patched, striped, and have a total of 34 parking spots.

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The asphalt that is being removed will be replaced with grass. A suggestion was made by a planning board committee member to include some flowers on the lot as well.

The concrete retaining wall that currently faces outward towards Newton Sparta Road, will be removed as well. The sidewalk will be redone so that it conforms to the standards set in place by the town of Newton to be 4 feet in width.

The only issue the planning board had with the proposal given by Peter Donnelly and Robert Cunningham, was the stockpile of broken down concrete that will remain on the lot.

The planning board decided to give Cable a timeline on how long the stockpile could remain on the lot.

Cable has a maximum of two years from the date of the construction meeting hearing to remove the rubble.  In addition the piles must be kept under a total of 10 feet in height. The stockpile must only contain concrete as well, no broken up asphalt.

At this point, Cable is unsure of what he wants to do with the lot. He does plan to do something in the future, however, does not know when exactly down the road that will be. 

There are still some site plans that need to be filed by Cable in regards to storm drains and such, so that the Town of Newton can have them on file in case of a water main break. As of right now there are no concrete plans on when the construction will begin to turn this lot into a “grassy meadow”.