Statement from Senator Steve Oroho, Assemblyman Parker Space, and Assembly candidate Hal Wirths:

Every American has the right to peaceful protest.  It is one of the basic aspects of who we are, as a people, as a nation, under our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

 When that right is taken from one of us, by violence, when the future exercise of that right is tempered by the fear of violence, then it is incumbent for us, collectively as a people, to firmly deal with the violence.

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 New Jersey no longer has a death penalty to deal with grave offenses against our people, such as violent terrorist acts (including those that result in mass destruction and death), serial murder, the rape and murder of children, and the targeting and murder of police officers.  We should reconsider this policy.  As part of that, we should also consider how to deal with offenders who wish to deny Americans the right to peaceful protest.

 We promise to pursue a legislative response that will support the right to peaceful protest and deal with those who would violently deny that right.