·      ATHLETIC ENHANCEMENT                                                  ·      ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT

·      WORKING MEMORY                                                             ·      LEARNING DISABILITIES 

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·      PROCESSING SKILLS ENHANCEMENT                             ·      REHABILITATION







Timing is Success Offers Interactive Metronome Training for Athletic Enhancement, Academic Improvement, Learning Disabilities, and Rehabilitation


Sparta, New Jersey- Timing is Success is a new business providing training that will help improve and enhance key skills needed to excel in sports and overall achievement. The University of Notre Dame Football team, The NFL Miami Dolphins and The EPL Manchester United have all improved their player’s athletic abilities with the help of Interactive Metronome® (IM) and FITLIGHT™ training. Athletes and coaches alike know the importance of improving timing, decision making and muscular movements.

Competition is not only on the field anymore. Schools have become competitive: it all starts in pre-school, but continues into college, internships and the job market. IM improves attention, language processing, communication, sensory skills, concentration throughout the school day and understanding multi-step instructions. By advancing the temporal processing time in the brain an individual can boost their GPA and class rank. Training addresses sustained attention as well as the working memory and processing function, which are the underpinning of a solid education. All of these skills originate in the brain… So isn’t it about time to train your brain?

Improving the neural network timing of the brain will enhance performance. When the brain is focused, cognitive control mechanisms work behind the scenes to constantly monitor performance and immediately detect interference. The IM technology forms the foundation of Timing is Success’s multi-disciplinary training approach. This approach will help to achieve: elite precision, faster neural network timing, improved cognitive stamina and sharpened mental and physical agility. Elevating your personal performance through our tiered programs will allow you to become your more superior self.

IM is a computerized evidence-based technology that encourages and engages users in a process that sharpens focus, cognition and synchronization of motor planning skills. An increasing amount of scientific evidence demonstrates that the brain’s internal clock is integral in the development and maintenance of many cognitive, behavioral, social and motor skills. IM involves the principles of the traditional musical metronome, combined with the precision of a personal computer to create engaging interactive training exercises. The program uses headphones along with hand and foot sensors to coordinate movements to a computer-generated metronome beat. A patented auditory guidance system progressively challenges participants to improve their motor planning, sequencing and rhythmic timing performance.

FITLIGHT™ training targets all areas of human performance and facilitates the improvement of an individual’s routine program results.  These two advanced technology training programs have a high understanding of the science behind sport and sensory processing which has enabled the method and approaches design to be flexible so that IM and FITLIGHT™ can be applied to a variety of industries and people of all ages and skill levels.

“The Athletic and Academic community has always known that timing in the brain affected a wide variety of situations, but until the IM technology there was not a single therapy or training program that could improve timing in both children and adults” says Daykota Rinkel of Timing is Success, “IM users find the training to be challenging, yet fun, holding their attention, and produces significant results.”


Interactive Metronome® training is available from Timing is Success

For more Information please join me on June 16th 2017 at the Sparta Ambulance Building,

14 Sparta Ave. Sparta, NJ 07871 from 7 to 8:30pm

Daykota Rinkel, Timing is Success, 973-713-1261,