Patience is a virtue for just about any circumstance including selling your home. Yet sometimes you must sell quickly when a job opportunity arises or you face an abrupt lifestyle change. Assuming your home is in good condition and free of liens, here are several tips to help expedite a sale.

Tip #1:

Price your house correctly: Working with your agent, choose a price that’s competitive in today’s market, but not too low that it will send up red flags. Ask your agent for a Comparison Market Analysis (CMA) it will be filled with valuable information to help you decide the right price. The amount may not be what you had envisioned—remember, the market has changed substantially over the last five years—yet when priced slightly below comparable sales you should attract serious buyers.

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Tip #2:

Be flexible, compromise: know your basement price and don’t be offended by offers within those parameters. Consider negotiating housewares and fixtures that may appeal to prospective buyers. Those expensive new drapes you just installed, the dining-room chandelier or that slick, washer-drier combo. Conduct a complete inventory of household features to determine what you can include in the sale.

Tip #3:

Remove the clutter from your home: This must be done regardless of time frame. Throw away anything you won’t be taking with you and pack in storage items that you won’t miss during the sale process. Consider renting a storage pod that can be picked up and eventually moved to your new home.

Tip #4:

Take Care of the “To Do” List: Today buyer’s expect to purchase a home in good order. They don’t want to spend their hard earned money to buy a big list of must-do fixes in order to live in the home.

Tip #5:

Offer incentives: One popular incentive for a fast closing is to share or pay for your buyer’s closing costs. Another is a homeowner’s warranty. Ask your agent to explain the numerous strategies that can be implemented.

Tip #6:

Stage Your Home: Staging a home for sale is not the same as taking care of the “To Do” list and clearing the clutter. The “To Do” list includes daily maintenance and repairs. Staging your home for sale is to make it showroom-ready– like a model home. Use a trained staging expert to transform your space for mass appeal. A professional stager will look at your home keeping the prospective buyer in mind. Ask your agent for assistance.

Tip #7

Every day is a Good Day to Sell Your Home: Yes there are busier times for home sales. If you need to sell your home, list it regardless of the season. Buyers who need to move will continue to search year round.

Tip #8

Take the time to study your local market and gain the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. Listen to what your agent tells you, it is their job as a “Seller’s Agent” to keep you informed. What you do with that information is up to you, but it may just be the difference between a “For Sale” sign versus a “Sold” sign on your front lawn.